In the Georgian Parliament on party lists are only two main political forces – the “Georgian dream” and “United national movement”. Two other parties were on the verge of the barrier of 5%, but are unable to overcome it, showed data of the CEC of the country after counting 99,41% of the vote. Half of the Parliament, however, elected in single-mandate constituencies.

The CEC reported that the ruling party “Georgian dream” to be a leader: she gave preference to 48.61 per cent of the voters. In second place is the opposition party “United national movement” voted of 27.04%. Data are generalized on the basis of results from polling stations from 3680 3702, reports “Interfax”.

Close to overcoming the barrier was “Alliance of patriots of Georgia”,
which has at least 4.99% of the votes, and the party of Irakli
Alasania “Free Democrats”, which to 4.59% of the vote.

In the Parliament of Georgia shall be elected 150 MPs, 77 by proportional lists, and 73 in single-mandate constituencies.

The vote is crucial because in accordance with the new Constitution adopted in 2010 and gradually entered into force in 2012-2013, the party or politobedineniya, which will occupy most of the seats in Parliament, will have the right to propose a candidate Prime Minister and form a government. According to the basic law, the chief Executive is the Prime Minister. The President remains head of state but with very limited powers.

The third party failed to make it to the Parliament of Georgia 09.10.2016

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