The permanent observer of the Holy see to KLO Archbishop Bernardito AUSA addressed the UN security Council a report on the problem of shortage of drinking water. The Vatican representative drew attention to a paradox: water covers two-thirds of the earth’s surface, the availability of fresh water decreases. In some regions, because of their geographical position, this resource was initially scarce, in other places, the deficit is the result of shortcomings in management. Besides, environmental degradation is poisoning the water, and climatic changes disrupt the hydrological cycle, quotes the Prelate of Vatican Radio.

The theme of the shortage of drinking water in the UN security Council raised the presidency in November, Senegal. In the proposed African state the concept of the resolution of the security Council have noted that disputes over oil and land are the cause of conflicts in the present, while disputes over water can lead to clashes in the future if nothing is done.

Monsignor AUSA, participating in the debate on the issue of water shortage, recalled that Pope Francis in November 2014 said that this serious problem can lead to war. In his Encyclical, the Pontiff noted the paramount importance of drinking water for the well-being of society.

In a speech to the UN security Council, the representative of the Vatican primarily paid attention to the quality of water available to the poor. He recalled that every day of illnesses related to water, namely dysentery and cholera, be one of the main causes of mortality, especially among infants and children.

The growing trend to privatize water and turn it into a product may threaten the availability of drinking water for the poor, said the Filipino Prelate, suggesting that the desire of world companies to take control of water resources will result in one of the main conflict factors.

As noted in message news centre UN, this view is shared by UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon. During the debate, he recalled that competition for scarce water resources has led to conflicts in Darfur and Afghanistan and sparked protests and violence against mining companies from residents of Peru.

The third world war will begin over water, warned the Vatican 25.11.2016

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