The tiger killed three dogs in the village of Razdolnoe in Primorskii Krai, located 34 km from Ussuriisk. According to local residents, this occurred on 22 November in the street of the Promenade, the website

Local residents claim that four days earlier detected in the area of a lot of tiger tracks. Experts have confirmed that the photographs made by the witnesses really captures the footprints of the striped predator.

However, in the Primorsky hunting management Department of the management of the site reporters said that the working group has already scouted the terrain and finding the animal experts will not be engaged, because the predator went into the forest and danger to people anymore.

Recent sightings of tigers in the settlements of Primorye increased. In mid-October, one of these predators was seen in the village of Artem, and then wandered in Vladivostok and walked around the city until he was caught after two-day searches on the night of 21 October. It was a young male around the age of two years and a weight of 120 kg Animal was placed in a rehabilitation centre in Alekseyevka. By vote he chose the name Vlad.

On 26 October, another tiger was captured near Artyom and four days later released in Anuchinskiy district, 60 kilometers from the nearest settlement.

There is a similar and neighboring region. November 3 in the village of Saline, located in the Lazo district of Khabarovsk Krai, was caught tigress named Quiet, which for half a year appeared regularly in the streets of this settlement. However, a week later, the Demure escaped from a wildlife rehabilitation Centre, where she was placed after being caught.

The tiger killed three dogs in the village under the Ussuri 22.11.2016

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