The transfer of “Wait for me”, which in mid-September refused the First channel will come out on channel NTV, announced on October 10 producer, the President of the company “ВИDgital” Alexander Lyubimov on his page in the network Facebook.

“The program “Wait for me” will no longer be released on the First channel. Her new home will be NTV,” wrote Lyubimov. Over the years of the program, he said, managed to find more than 200 thousand people. The Studio “Wait for me” worked in Yerevan, Kishinev, Minsk, Astana, Kiev. Special issues for Ukraine and Kazakhstan continue to go on the air and now, said Lyubimov.

In his opinion, the cause of the failure of the First channel of transmission is that his priorities are “significantly shifted towards entertainment programs.”

As reported on September 14, the First channel once again extended his contract with the TV company “VID” on the production of the program “Field of miracles”, but refused to continue the cooperation with the program “Wait for me”. According to the source RBC, the reason for non-renewal of the contract was “personnel policy of the new team program.” “They (the new command “Wait for me”) was dismissed without the consent of the First channel presenter Alexander galibina. And at the moment, the manufacturer has nominated a lead, which would have made the First channel”, – explained the source.

“Wait for me” is aired on Russian television in 1998, its production was the TV company “VIEW”, replaced in October name to “ВИDgital”. At different times the transfer were Igor Kvasha (1998-2012), Mikhail Efremov, Maria Shukshina, Alexander Domogarov, Chulpan Khamatova, Sergey Nikonenko, Yegor Beroev and Ksenia Alferova, Aleksandr Galibin. The latest edition of the programme aired on 1 September 2017.

Changes on the Ground

In late July, the media began to circulate rumors about the dismissal of the First channel, the presenter of the program “Let them talk” Andrei Malakhov, was called various reasons for its proposed withdrawal. 21 Aug leading still announced about his transition from the First channel to the TV channel “Russia 1″, which will release a program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”.

In addition, on August 15, the First channel broke contact with the company “House”, engaged in the production of the TV program “While all houses”, which aired in 1992. The reason was not acceptable to the channel information on the financial streams.

This event and assumptions about Malakhov, in turn, may have given rise to false information about the imminent closure and other gear. So on 18 August the First channel has had to refute rumors about the closure of four projects – “Control purchase”, “First Studio”, “let’s get married” and “Fashionable sentence”.

“For the future: we are not blind and pole chudes, KVN, “What? Where? When?” and “Evening Urgant”. With “Who wants to be a millionaire” are all good too. Feels great “Good morning”. The program “Time” still leaves at 21:00. In the “smack” not finished products. Dmitry Krylov buying tickets to the next trip. “Let them talk” Dmitry Borisov collect excellent ratings. Soon you will see the updated “Tonight”. Posner, by the way, is also with us” – quoted by RBC sarcastic comment of the press service of the First channel.

At that, the transfer of “Wait for me” then was not mentioned.

The transfer of “Wait for me” will move from the First channel NTV 10.10.2017

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