St. Petersburg “factory trolley” was suspected of fraud because of unpaid wages. Ministry of internal Affairs in the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg sent the results of the inspection to the Investigative Department of insurance in the region, and now will decide on initiation of proceedings, reports “Kommersant”.

“Trolls” journalists have nicknamed, OOO “Internet research”, which also engaged in massive publication of Patriotic comments and posts on the Internet. The firm was checked after the statements of its former employee Lyudmila Savchuk.

She worked in the “Internet research” from January to March 2015. Resigned, she asked to hold a Prosecutor’s check of the company and lists the possible violations: she was not given an employment contract when applying for a job, the work book she did not take and did not do there, salary not paid fully for the receipt of money she does not prescribe. Working day Lyudmila Savchuk and her colleagues lasted 12 hours. Summer Savchuk supported the legal organization “Team 29″ recovered arrears of wages and moral damages of 1 ruble.

After that, the organization changed their legal entity and now exists under the name of OOO “Tech”. With “Tech” as the successor of “Internet research” is now suing another former employee Olga Maltseva, which officially is not employed, and then did not pay the grant on care of the child. The consideration of her appeal scheduled for November.

American journalist Adrian Chen of The New York Times conducted their own investigation, found a link “trolls” information “stuffing” in Facebook and Twitter group, which locates in the Pro-Kremlin social media infographics. In an interview with Savchuk said that every day, “the trolls” have received special technical specifications with instructions on what events should be written in social networks. The dismissed employee revealed that the Agency employs about 400 people. As pointed out by the author of the material, per month for the maintenance of the state’s employers spent about 20 million rubles.

“The Troll factory” in Holguin was suspected of fraud after non-payment of salaries 15.10.2016

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