The Prime Minister of Turkey, Binali Yildirim has canceled the discussion in Parliament of the bill, which provides for the abolition of punishment for men for sex with underage girls in the case of marriage.

The BBC notes that the draft law was sent for revision for a few hours before the vote in Parliament. The document caused a wave of protests across the country and was convicted abroad. Experts pointed out that the legal initiative legitimized rape of minors and encourages the practice of marrying off little girls.

The UN has urged Ankara not to pass the bill, stating that it hurt the country to fight sexual violence and child marriages. However, the government had previously indicated that the main purpose of the amendments is the exemption of men who end up in prison for the marriage of minors committed with the consent of the bride or her family.

Officially in Turkey to get married and to marry with 18 years, however, the practice of religious marriages with minors, remains widespread. For example, ex-President of Turkey Abdullah Gul married when he was 30 years old, and his wife 15.

Critics of the bill point out that in a Patriarchal Turkish society young girls often do not find in myself the determination to refuse the marriage proposal, so the bill actually gives the right to the statutory rape and child marriage.

In July Turkey’s constitutional court annulled part of the Criminal code, which ensured that all sexual acts with children up to 15 years for sexual assault. At the same time, the Ministry of justice of Turkey, since 2002, 440 thousand girls became mothers before the age of 18 years, nearly 16 thousand of pregnant women were under the age of 15. The number of recorded cases of violence against children over the past 10 years has increased three times, to marry was issued 438 of thousands of affected girls.

The Turkish authorities after the protests refused to consider the bill to abolish the punishment for men for sex with minors 22.11.2016

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