The General Prosecutor’s office of Ankara has established the identity of the second suspect, who, according to the authorities, in July, during the coup attempt in Turkey have coordinated a plan of rebellion and led the coup, according to the newspaper Hurriyet.

As reports TASS with reference to the Agency Anadolu, we are talking about a former local CEO of a paper company Kemal Batmaz.

According to press reports, Batman along with other suspects – Adil Oxycom – traveled in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania the opposition to the Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen, whom Ankara considers the main ideologist and inspirer of the rebellion. On July 11, Batmaz flew from Istanbul to USA. Two days later, on July 13, the two suspects returned home.

The media published footage taken by surveillance cameras at the Istanbul airport and air force base Akinci, who was one of the centers of planning of the coup. They were sealed as Batman and Oxus. On one of the clips they go at the Istanbul airport after returning from the United States.

The investigation concluded that Batman and Oxus was directly involved in the preparation of the rebellion. For this purpose, they rented apartments and houses, where he gathered his supporters. It is argued that they are also four times this year – in March, June and July – flew to USA to Gulen.

As reported by RIA “Novosti” with reference to Anadolu, Batman arrested. A former employee of the University of Sakarya Oxus was detained immediately after the coup attempt, but then released and is currently wanted.

The attempted coup took place in Turkey in the night from 15 to 16 July. Killed 246 people, more than two thousand were injured. According to Turkish authorities, the rebellion was attended by over eight thousand troops. After a coup attempt, was arrested about 26 thousand people.

Responsible for a coup attempt in Ankara considers Fethullah Gulen and his Terrorist organization of fethullahists (FETO). At the end of July as part of the response of the FETO, the Turkish authorities had legally closed a few thousands of organizations associated with fethullahists and conducted a massive purge of the state apparatus and the army.

The Turkish authorities have called the second of the organizer of the coup attempt 02.11.2016

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