Turkish citizens living in Finland, accusing the Turkish Embassy in the country in the surveillance of supporters of the opposition Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen, whom Ankara accuses of the organisation of attempt of a military coup in the country, according to the news service Yle.

The publication tells the story of a Turkish businessman Bilal of Dalkilic, a long-time resident of Finland. Recently he wanted to send his cousins in Turkey power of attorney to a Bank account, but were refused by the Turkish Embassy.

Dalkilic admits that he is a supporter of Gulen and emphasizes that this organization is not terrorist, says in Turkey, where all the organizations related to the socio-political Hizmet movement of Gulen, called FETO (abbreviation from the English name Fethullah Terrorist Organisation).

If earlier the businessman has provided assistance to Finnish companies engaged in trade with Turkey, now it has become impossible. He said that after the military coup in Finland arrived about 30 Turkish asylum-seekers and among them several businessmen close to the gülen movement, but the Embassy has called on businessmen and Turkish citizens not to communicate with them.

According to Dalkilic, some Turks, in cooperation with the Embassy began to collect lists of names residing in Finland Turkish citizens.

The Turkish Embassy declined to comment on the allegations, and Jyri Rantala, the head of the press service of the police of state security (SUPO), counter-terrorism, intelligence and security, said that the Finnish authorities would react if the police do collect information on citizens living in Finland, because the Constitution guarantees them freedom of speech and political rights and freedoms.

Turkey stated that it had provided the United States enough evidence to arrest Gulen

The head of the Turkish Ministry of justice Bekir Bozdag said at a press conference in the United States that Turkey provided U.S. authorities with clear evidence of guilt Gulen sufficient to arrest him during the investigation, according to Turkish news Agency Anadolu.

“We have provided dossiers that contain sufficient amount of evidence Gulen’s fault. Of course, there is a specific legal process. We have expressed the American side your thoughts regarding expectations in connection with the process,” said Bozdag.

According to the Turkish Minister, gülen tries to leave the U.S. to avoid arrest. “I do not exclude that speech can go on Belgium, Brazil or Canada. For this reason we have intelligence, which we have informed Washington,” said the Minister.

Turkey began a new wave of arrests

Turkey continues arrests of those who authorities believe are involved in armed rebellion, violation of the Constitution and having ties with Gulen.

As reported by ABC, Turkish prosecutors issued a warrant for the arrest of 73 military pilots – two colonels and Lieutenant 71 – from the airbase in Konya, the center of the country. Of them Thursday were arrested 45, and 29 informed the detainees formally arrested.

According to Anadolu, the operation in the framework of the investigation initiated by the Prosecutor’s office of the province of Konya, conducted in 17 provinces of the country.

Turkish authorities carried out mass repression against civil servants and prey on relatives of Gulen. In October was detained by police the brother of the preacher, Kutbettin Gulen and his nephews – Emine Kemal gülen, Adbullah of Korucuk, Muhammet Sait Gulen, Huseyin Gulen and the Gulen Bushra.

After the attempted coup, the Turkish authorities took the decision to close more than 100 media. Under repression, in particular, 16 TV channels, 23 radio stations, 45 Newspapers, 15 magazines, 29 publishing houses and three news agencies.

The attempted coup was made in Turkey in the night of July 16. Soldiers seized tanks, fighter jets and combat helicopters, attempting to overthrow President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his government. The rebels seized several gostelekanalu and attacked government buildings.

Erdogan urged people to take to the streets and to confront the participants of the coup. As a result, the rebellion was crushed in less than a day. According to official figures, killed 246 people, more than two thousand people were injured.

According to Ankara, with the coup attempt in the country is the opposition of the Turkish preacher Fethullah gülen, who since 1999 has been living in self-imposed exile in the United States. On 4 August a court in Istanbul has issued an official warrant for his arrest.

The Turkish Embassy in Finland, accused of spying on supporters of Gulen 27.10.2016

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