The Minister of foreign Affairs of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu said that he is ready to personally apologize to the widow of Oleg Peshkov, the pilot of the Russian su-24 aircraft, which was downed by the Turkish military in November 2015. The Minister noted that the Turkish authorities would also like to provide material support to the family of Russians.

“I said Mr. (foreign Minister Sergei) Lavrov that he was ready to visit the widow of a deceased Russian pilot, if that is her consent to Express their apologies and condolences,” – said the Chairman of the TV channel “Russia 24″ (quoted by RIA “Novosti”).

In an interview with Cavusoglu also said that Turkey asked Russia evidence Turkish citizen Alpaslan Celik, earlier claimed responsibility for the murder of Peshkov. “If Russia has any documents, our prosecutors would be asked to provide them. And if Russia will we get them, we will give this data to our prosecutors to investigative actions were based on specific documents and data,” said the Minister.

As head of the foreign Ministry, çelik himself confirmed that he killed the pilot of the downed plane, but later recanted his words. “Of course, from a legal point of view, it is necessary to prove. Now, his lawyers began to deny it. But he was detained by the aggregate of the charges,” said Cavusoglu. The Minister said that the accused carried out a detailed investigation.

According to the Turkish press, çelik, who returned to the country after participating in the fighting in the North of Syria, were detained in March in Izmir. Initially he stated that, together with other gunmen shot the Russian pilot, explaining that the murder was revenge for the bombing of the local Turkmen. Later, however, the suspect said that he personally is not involved in shooting Russians and such orders did not give.

In may a Turkish court came to the conclusion that law enforcement bodies have no convincing evidence against Celik. Local prosecutors cleared him of all charges, but later the case was reopened. On June 28 the court of Izmir Celik left in custody until 8 June 2017. Now he is accused of fraud and illegal possession and carrying of weapons.

Bomber su-24 Air-space forces of the Russian Federation, participated in the operations against the terrorist group Islamic state (DAISHbanned in Russia) in Syria was shot down by Turkish F-16 24 November 2015 over Syrian territory. The pilot of the su-24 Oleg Peshkov ejected and was shot from the ground by insurgents. In Ankara stated that the su-24 entered Turkish airspace. The defense Ministry denied this information. Later the pilot’s body was handed over to relatives, he was buried in Lipetsk on 2 December. Oleg Peshkov was awarded the title of Hero of Russia.

The incident with su-24 became the reason of a sharp aggravation of relations between Turkey and Russia. Moscow demanded from Turkey to apologize, and after the failure of the Turkish authorities, this has interrupted all contacts with the country and have imposed extensive sanctions. Only at the end of June 2016, the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in an official letter expressed regret in connection with the death of the pilot and condolences to his family. Shortly thereafter, all sanctions against Turkey were removed.

The Turkish foreign Minister said he was willing to personally apologize to the widow of the pilot of the downed su-24 02.11.2016

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