Several soldiers of the Turkish army serving on the NATO air base in the German city of Ramstein (the Federal land of Rhineland – Palatinate), has asked the authorities of Germany for political asylum. About it reports TV channel SWR.

The exact number requested refuge of the military is unknown. However, the television report noted that about 30 employees of the air base are citizens of Turkey.

The reason for the petition, the soldiers called the political situation in Turkey, where after the attempted coup on 15 July detained 7,5 thousand people, including more than six thousand soldiers, and police, judges and prosecutors, reports TASS.

The administration of the urban district of Kaiserslautern, in whose territory is a military base, confirmed the fact of receipt of an application from the Turkish military. Any decision of the office for migration and refugees is still unknown. Land authorities also refused to comment on the situation for reasons of safety and protection of the rights of the employees of the air base.

Ramstein is one of the largest American military bases outside the United States. On its territory there are more than 16 thousand military and civilian employees of power structures of the United States.

On 7 October it became known that several Turkish diplomats have requested political asylum in Germany, fearing persecution at home after there was an attempted coup. In late September, several hundred supporters of the opposition and the Turkish Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen, whom Ankara considers as the organizer of the attempted coup, also has requested political asylum in Germany.

As noted by the Russian service of the BBC, the German authorities have repeatedly expressed concern over mass arrests in Turkey, resulting in the relations between the two NATO allies have deteriorated somewhat.

The Turkish military at a NATO base have applied for asylum in Germany, reported the press 17.11.2016

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