Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused the Prime Minister of Iraq Haidar al-Abadi in inflicting insults and said that he should “know their place”, reports Reuters. The corresponding statement the Turkish leader made at the meeting of the Eurasian Islamic Council in Istanbul.

The reason for the dramatic speech of Erdogan was the protest of the Iraqi leadership against the decision of the Turkish side to extend the stay of its troops based in Bashika in Northern Iraq. Commenting on the criticism of al-Abadi for this reason, Erdogan said that the Iraqi authorities themselves had earlier appealed to Ankara for military help, and are now demanding the withdrawal of Turkish troops from the country.

“But the Turkish army will not obey your orders,” he said. “You are no match for me, and your screaming and yelling in Iraq mean nothing to us,” added Erdogan, referring to al-Abadi (quoted by AP). A source close to al-Abadi has called Erdogan’s words “irresponsible”, reports NEWSru Israel.

The Turkish authorities insist that the country’s troops participated in the liberation of the second largest Iraqi city of Mosul. Currently, he is under the control of militants of the terrorist group Islamic state (DAISH, is prohibited in Russia).

Ankara fears that control of the city will get the Kurds and Shiites that will displace him from Sunnis and ethnic Turkmens. In Istanbul earlier warned that attempts to change the demographic map of the region could lead to civil war.

In turn, the Shiite government of Iraq committed itself to lead the offensive in Mosul, fearing that Turkey will make a deal with the Kurds and allow them to take the city under their control. On 1 October the Turkish Parliament voted to extend the mandate for its military presence in Iraq and Syria. The Iraqi government has condemned the decision, both sides exchanged notes of protest.

The Iraqi foreign Ministry had also requested an emergency meeting of the UN security Council to discuss the illegal presence of Turkish troops on the territory of the country. The Prime Minister of Iraq Haider al-Abadi warned that the preservation of Turkish troops in Northern Iraq could lead to “regional war”.

The Turkish President told the Iraqi Prime Minister to “know their place” 12.10.2016

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