Two court of Tver region has rendered acquittals in the criminal case against the “Metropolitan” schismatic religious organization “Apostolic Orthodox Church” Oleg Simaeva. In September 2016, attacked with scissors at the priest Oleg Filippov in his temple. In the end, the clergyman received a wound in the head and hands.

Russian Themis decided that the injuries are “the result of careless actions” committed without intent to cause damage. In such cases, no liability is not provided by law, reports “Interfax”.

The courts refused to consider the motives of Simaeva religious hatred, citing the fact that he was indeed motivated by a sense of dislike for the victim. She was motivated by a quarrel in the cemetery.

As revealed in court, the victim, the priest, the conflict between him and Tinaevym has a long history. It stems from the religious controversies of the unrecognized “Apostolic Church” and the Moscow Patriarchate. The conflict turned into a critical phase after a quarrel in the cemetery near the Church, where the funeral of one of leaders of the unrecognized “Apostolic Church”.

A few days later, after a dispute at the funeral of Semaev went straight into the Church of St. great Martyr Paraskeva Pyatnitsa village of Martynovo Krasnokholmsky district of Tver oblast, of which the Dean is the father Oleg, and made an assault on him.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case, Semaev, “which was with him armed with scissors, using them as weapons, caused them Filippov O. P. of not less than two blows to the head, causing the wound in the parietal region on the right and a bruise on the second finger of the left hand”.

The actions of the schismatic were stopped by two parishioners who witnessed the attack.

Initiated a criminal case under paragraph “a, b” of part 1 of article 213 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“the Hooliganism that is a gross violation of public order expressing clear disrespect for society, committed on grounds of religious hatred with the use of objects used as weapons”), wrote “Tverskie Vedomosti”. Aggressive religious figure threatened a five-year term of imprisonment.

Krasnokholmsky district court sanctioned the arrest Simaeva. Insisted the Prosecutor, who decided that the dangerous schismatic “can escape from prosecution and to continue criminal activity”.

According to Simaeva, “Metropolitan” schismatic and not recognized by any local Orthodox churches of the organization, he only wanted to cut the hair of an Orthodox priest and by accident caused injuries to him with scissors.

Semaev also insisted that could not feel hatred for the priest of the Russian Orthodox Church, because it believes that the Moscow Patriarchate and the “Apostolic Church” are one.

“As evidence of this false thesis, Semaev presented to the court false documents of their belonging to the Russian Orthodox Church and came to the meeting in the Metropolitan’s vestments, adopted by the Moscow Patriarchate”, – told “Interfax” in the Tver Metropolia.

The aggrieved party intends to appeal the court ruling in higher courts.

At the time Oleg Semaev served as a priest of the Russian Orthodox Church in the village of Porech’e Bezhetsky district, and then was transferred to the village of Martynovo Krasnokholmsky district. However, for the coarse canonical violations he was suspended from service.

In the village of Martynovo Simaeva have remained a private house. Arriving there, he continued to perform the rituals of baptism and burial, and also to communicate with his supporters, who believe Simaeva “driven by the shepherd.”

“After suspension from Semaev did not repent of their sins, and decided to go to the dissenters. They he took the “monastic vows” with the name agapita, wrote the deacon Alexei Yudin in the Church newspaper “bezhetskiy top”. – Ordination agapita (Samaeva) in “the Bishop of Tver and Kashin” made in April 2006, “hierarchy” non-canonical religious organization “Supreme Ecclesiastical Administration of the Russian Orthodox Church” (VCU PRTs) led by “Metropolitan” Arseniy (Kiselev)”.

5 Aug 2007 Bishop Agapitos was endowed with the title “Archbishop”. In the same year he joined the newly formed southern Russian Autonomous Metropolitan district, headed “Metropolitan Pyatigorsk and South Russian” Kyriakos (Tamarside), where he was given the title of “Metropolitan of Tver and Bejskogo”.

The Tver region court acquitted the schismatic, who was wounded by the scissors of an Orthodox priest 21.04.2017

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