The United States soon deployed in Europe, the grouping of the F-22 as an effort to support Eastern European NATO allies alarmed by Russia’s actions in Ukraine. As reported by Reuters, said the Minister of the air forces (VVS) USA Deborah James.

The Minister gave detailed information on the specific number of aircraft, date or location of deployment groups. She only said that it is done in accordance with the decree of the Minister of defense Ashton Carter to ensure a strong and balanced approach to Russia.

The placement of the F-22 in Europe should be the next step in implementing initiatives to protect NATO allies, concerned with the growing Russian “aggression”.

As noted, currently the F-22 used by the Americans to carry out military operations in Iraq and Syria against militants of the banned in the Russian Federation grouping “Islamic state”.

Last week’s edition of The Fiscal Time wrote that Washington is going to send to Europe 12 jet aircraft, attack aircraft A-10 that need to decommission and replace the B-1 bombers and F-35. The report noted that the aircraft will reinforce the grouping of NATO in Europe in the event of “aggression” by Russia.

Potential threat allegedly coming from Russia, previously said a senior NATO military and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. So, in early August during a visit to Finland, the commander of NATO in Europe Philip Breedlove said that he considered Russia a threat to Europe. At the same time, wrote the publication Yle, he said he did not believe in immediate threat of military actions of the Russian Federation on the Baltic sea.

In turn, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has repeatedly pointed to the “aggression” by Russia against Ukraine and warned that such a policy could spread to other neighboring with Russia in the country. He also claimed that the Russian armed forces allegedly involved in hostilities in the Donbass, despite the categorical denial from Moscow. At the same time, Stoltenberg believes that, despite the aggressive attitude of Russia, a direct threat to the countries participating in the Alliance of no.

The U.S. will deploy in Europe the F-22 to support NATO allies concerned about Russia 25.08.2015

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