In Dubai in the United Arab Emirates law enforcement authorities released 25-year-old citizen of great Britain Zara-Jane Moise, which previously was imprisoned for immoral behavior and sexual promiscuity. The reason for the arrest of a foreigner was her own call to police about a gang rape that turned out to be false, investigators believe.

At the moment the Dawn-Jane was allowed to leave the territory of the UAE to fly to the UK. The decision adopted by the Dubai Prosecutor’s office, closed the scandalous criminal case about sex at the hotel, writes The Sun.

In this case, the Supervisory Agency stressed that the sexual act “occurred by a mutual consent of the three parties.” This conclusion is based on analysis of videos found in the phone of one of the alleged rapists.

We will remind, earlier the inhabitant of Farnham (Surrey), Zara-Jane contacted the Dubai police, saying that in October I was raped by two compatriots. However, law enforcement officers did not even arrest the alleged rapists. In the end, 22-year-old martial arts master David Butlin and 24-year-old Luis Harris was able to fly from the UAE to his home in Birmingham.

On the contrary, the injured tourist was prosecuted for “extramarital sex”, wrote the British press. Though she was released on bail, but to leave Dubai, the British could not. For violation of Sharia law (drunkenness and debauchery) a woman was threatened with a long prison sentence.

Family Zara-Jane organized a fundraiser on the website for fundraising. Relatives are expected to collect 24 thousand pounds sterling for payment of court costs.

It was reported that the victim rape, the Briton previously worked as an IT specialist in the field of production and use of the software. Zara-Jane was married to 2014 for Paul Edwards, but in the beginning of 2016 their marriage actually broke up. In the end, the woman threw a career and family for trip around the world.

In Dubai, a tourist was going to spend five days to sunbathe on the beach in the company of his relative.

In the original version of the hotel Moizi met two compatriots who offered her a drink. The attackers allegedly lured the tourist in the room, and then raped her, filming their actions on camera. Five hours later, suspects have flown to the UK.

The news of the arrest of British tourists for adultery in the UAE has caused an international scandal. And the father of Zara-Jane Christopher appealed to the Emir of Dubai and Prime Minister of UAE Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum with a request to save his daughter from prosecution. “Please excuse my little girl, so she could return to her family. I know that You, as a father, will understand our feelings,” said Christopher.

Last week, the father of Zara-Jane flew to Dubai to support her daughter. Moisi she said to stay calm it helps yoga and meditation.

The UAE authorities eventually dropped the charges against Zara-Jane under pressure from the international community, believe in the British charity Detained Charity working in Dubai. Earlier, human rights activists warned Western women from contacting law enforcement authorities of the UAE in the case of rape. The story of Zara-Jane showed that local security forces with great distrust the testimony of women.

According to the founder of Charity Detained Radha Stirling, the UAE police are often faced with perjury when the offended prostitute tries to defame his client by accusing him of rape. This leads to the fact that all women investigators distrust, writes Metro. Maybe girl engage in sexual intercourse because of their own carelessness and drunken state, and the next day regretted his rash act, argue the police.

The UAE released a British tourist who was arrested for adultery after she reported the sexual abuse 23.11.2016

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