The Ukrainian government has severed an agreement with Russia on cooperation
in the areas of television, radio and information, said the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”.
The decision was taken at a government meeting.

The draft document was presented by the Minister of information policy of Ukraine
Yuriy stets, a measure supported by Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

Agreement in force since 1998, was ratified in 2000 and
had a “broad and free exchange of information”, there are two
the country pledged to create favourable conditions for the promotion
national television and agreed with the use of the Russian
language in broadcast programs of the Russian and Ukrainian when showing

In March 2014, the largest providers of telecommunications services
the Ukrainian capital of Kiev stopped
broadcasting of Russian TV channels “Russia 24″, ORT (“the First channel.
World network”), “RTR Planeta”, “NTV-Mir”, performing the appropriate
The national Council on television and radio.

Ukraine has banned more than 500 films and TV series

April 2, 2015 the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed
a law banning the films in which famous Russian
security forces. The ban came tape advocating “war, violence,
cruelty, fascism and neo-fascism to eliminate
the independence of Ukraine, inciting ethnic, racial, religious
enmity, humiliation of the nation, disrespect for national and religious
shrines, humiliation of the person, ignorance, disrespect for parents, and
also, drug addiction, substance abuse, alcoholism and other bad habits”,
as well as containing pornography.

In March the ban was
: under it were all Russian films produced
or first shown after January 1, 2014. Since then
the number of banned films exceeded five hundred.

On the official website
The national Council of Ukraine on television and radio broadcasting
published a list of the 545 movies and TV shows, which during the
2014-2016, the state refused to state registration. Among
them – “Chronicle of the time of troubles” Vladimir Hotinenko, “45 seconds”
Vladimir Basov, Jr., “the 9th company” by Fyodor Bondarchuk, “Generation P”
Victor Ginzburg, Vladimir Bortko TV series “Gangster Petersburg” and
“The master and Margarita” and “Streets of broken lamps”, “COP
war”, “Voronin”, “Kiss!”, “DMB”, “Teacher”, etc. Because the work
is ongoing this list is not final and will

“The results of the permanent monitoring of TV channels by the national Council
weekly applies to the State Agency of Ukraine for
the movie on compliance by broadcasters to the requirements of laws of Ukraine
“On cinematography” and “condemning Communist and
the national socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regimes in
Ukraine and the prohibition of propaganda of their symbols” for the appropriate
measures”, – stated in the message.

As explained,
TV series and feature films, in which the regulator sees
signs of violations of legislative norms referred for consideration
Expert Committee for dissemination and demonstration
movies. Members of the Commission conduct an examination and make a conclusion about
according to film industry standards of law, denying
registration of films and issuing of state permits

The Ukrainian government has terminated the agreement with Russia on cooperation in the field of television 01.12.2016

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