The UN Security Council condemned in the last days of school attacks in two Syrian provinces, which, according to the latest figures, killed a total of 25 children. Members of the security Council called for an impartial investigation of these incidents.

According to the document, the security Council decisively condemned “the attack on the school complex in the village of Haas in Idlib province on 26 October, which killed at least 22 children and teachers, as well as a school in the Western part of Aleppo October 28, which resulted in the death of several children.” “The members of the Security Council expressed outrage at all attacks against civilians and civilian objects, and indiscriminate attacks across Syria” – quoted by TASS statement.

In light of the frequent cases of deaths of civilians, the UN security Council reminded all parties to conflict of their obligations under international humanitarian law. In particular, in the adopted statement to the press said about the need to distinguish between civilians and combatants, points to the responsibility to protect the population of Syria, conferred on the authorities and on the inadmissibility of the use of civilians as human shields.

According to UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), 22 children and six teachers were killed on Wednesday in shelling of a school in the village of Haas in the Syrian province of Idlib. USA and France believethat the attack made the Syrian air force or Russia. On Friday the defense Ministry reported that militants from Eastern Aleppo fired at a school in Hai El-Andalus in the Western part of the city. The attack resulted in the deaths of three children and serious injuries of at least 10 students.

The foreign Ministry called photomontage a photo of consequences of attack on school in Idlib

Common in the media pictures of the raked school in the village of Haas Syrian province of Idlib in the analysis was the computer graphics, said on the page in Facebook, the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“Today, after expert analysis of photos from Syrian villages Haas found that there was no shelling of the school, and the victims was not there. Photography – computer graphics – wrote the diplomat. – Killed school children – a terrible fantasy “activists” and “al-Jazeera” with “independent”.

Earlier official representative of Russian defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov said that the published video footage of air strikes are gluing more than 10 of the mounted segments. Russian VSK, according to him, this day in the area of firing sorties did not commit.

The UN security Council demands to investigate the shelling of schools in Syria 29.10.2016

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