The UN said that 750 to thousands of people in Haiti who suffered from the ravages of the hurricane “Matthew”, $ 119 million. The funds, which the organization plans to raise through sponsors and benefactors, have to go on food supplies, clean water and construction of temporary shelter for victims, reported the UN office for the coordination of humanitarian Affairs.

The hurricane that struck the state in the Caribbean, became the most powerful in the Atlantic since 2007. Doctors warn about the possible increase in the number of cholera cases in Haiti in connection with the destroyed Sewerage infrastructure and water supply. It was reported about the death from cholera of 13 people in southwest Haiti, said the Agency Reuters.

The UN stress that will help the “most vulnerable” population. Over the next week, the UN partners working in Haiti, will develop an “individual project” such assistance.

Hurricane “Matthew” inflicted serious material damage to the country and led to the forced displacement of large numbers of people. “The level of poverty of the population in the area reaches 70%” – reminiscent of the UN, emphasizing that “Matthew” has led to “the largest humanitarian crisis in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake” in a time when the country faces with the increasing number of cholera and acute malnutrition.

According to the Haitian authorities, the number of victims of the hurricane “Matthew” has made about 1 thousand people. In the South of the country most affected by cyclone, destroyed more than 3.2 thousand dwellings.

It became known yesterday that the storm “Matthew” has lost the status of a hurricane over the United States. For the week, the disaster has claimed the lives of over 900 people, mostly in Haiti. In the United States, according to the evening of Sunday, killing 16 people. “Matthew” was not only the most powerful storm that hit the coast in almost a decade, but also one of the longest major hurricane. However, in the United States caused them material damage was much less than anticipated.

The hurricane reached its peak power a week ago when he raged in the Caribbean sea. Then the wind speed inside it reached 235 kilometers per hour. For the week, the storm destroyed the settlement and caused enormous damage to agriculture in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cuba and the Bahamas. The greatest number of victims recorded in Haiti – almost 900. There declared three days of national mourning. Haitian authorities report that the hurricane has hit half a million people, of which 350 thousand are in urgent need of assistance. Most of them lost the roof over my head.

The UN will allocate 119 million dollars to the people of Haiti, victims of hurricane “Matthew” 11.10.2016

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