The statement of the UN Security Council regarding the shelling on 3 October the Russian Embassy in Damascus, initiated by Russia, blocked the United States, says the statement of the permanent representative to the UN.

“Due to the mortar shelling of the Russian Embassy complex in
Damascus, the Russian delegation initiated the Security Council statement
The UN condemning the attack. It was actually blocked
the U.S. delegation, which tried to bring to standard in such cases
the text of extraneous elements,” – said in a statement quoted by

As noted in the document, “Americans clumsily played along
the British and the Ukrainians.” “This shows their blatant disrespect for
The Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations”, – said in a statement.

The authors of the document reminded that Russia “always unconditionally
supported the” condemnation of the UN security Council the same crimes against
foreign diplomatic missions. “We have to admit that morals
some of our security Council colleagues is seriously shaken,” – said in

On the eve of the Russian foreign Ministry said that the building of the Russian Embassy in Damascus came under mortar shelling from the territories controlled by “Jabhat Fatah al-sham” (formerly “dzhebhat an-Nusra”, banned in Russia) and “Falak ar-Rahman”. As noted in the Embassy, just by chance none of the employees of the Embassy were not injured. The diplomatic representation of material damage. Two mines exploded near the Embassy.

“We consider the shelling of the Russian Embassy in Damascus and as
the consequence of the actions of those who, like US, and some of their allies,
provokes the continuation of the bloody conflict in Syria, making advances to
militants and extremists of various stripes,” said the foreign Ministry.

The United States blocked the Russia-initiated UN security Council statement on the shelling of the Russian Embassy in Syria 05.10.2016

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