US strategic command has reported about an unsuccessful attempt, the DPRK launch medium-range missiles “Musudan” near the North Korean Cusona, according to the Agency Yonhap.

System Stratcom, the United States recorded the event, which is regarded as a failed launch of North Korea rocket on October 19 at 5pm (2am, October 20 Moscow time) near the northeast city coson, said in a statement command.

It is noted that, presumably, we are talking about the missile average
range “Musudan”. Start recorded North American command
aerospace defense (NORAD), and he never posed a threat to
North America.

In a statement released by the Pentagon statement noted that Washington strongly condemns the current and previous missile tests
North Korea, which violated UN security Council resolutions,
forbidding her the use of ballistic technology, reports “Interfax”.

The United States intends to raise this issue, of concern to us in the United Nations to strengthen the international community’s determination to bring the DPRK accountable for such actions, said the military Department.

This is the second unsuccessful attempt by Pyongyang to carry out start-up “Musudan” in less than a week. Previous took place on Saturday, October 15, also from the area of Cusona.

The United States recorded a failed rocket launch from North Korea 20.10.2016

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