The Department of homeland security (DHS) the United States acted with the filing of the Israeli secret service, when he recommended that American government agencies to refuse from the use of products developed by anti-virus software “Kaspersky Lab”. About this newspaper The New York Times , citing its own sources.

The Israeli intelligence service found the activity of the hackers allegedly involved with the Russian authorities, more than two years ago. It is alleged that the attackers used “Kaspersky Lab”, to find the secret programs of U.S. intelligence. Israel has transferred the data to the US, warning Washington of the “broad Russian intervention”.

In the end, the information became the reason for the prohibition the us government agencies to use the lab, which the President of the United States Donald trump ordered in September.

According to sources, The Washington Post, in 2015, hackers working for the government of Israel, remarked on the computers Russian firms are suspicious of a hacker, which could be explained only by the national security Agency (NSA) of the USA. Israel has notified the NSA, whose staff immediately began to investigate and found that got to the Russian authorities.

Israeli intelligence discovered the hacker ON the network, “Kaspersky Lab” – the company is located in the centre of attention in the USA because of suspicions that its products contribute to espionage by Russia, the article says.

Previously, the newspaper the Wall Street Journal published an articlestating that Russian hackers stole data on how U.S. intelligence agencies are implemented in computer networks of other countries and defend themselves against cyber attacks.

According to the publication, the incident occurred in 2015, but the NSA found out about it only last spring. Employee of the NSA, as expected, ignored the instructions, when seized classified information at work and turned it into a home personal computer. According to the publication, the computer was equipped with software “Kaspersky Lab”.

NYT asked for comment, the NSA, the White house and the Embassy of Israel and Russia in the United States, said TASS. The NSA, the White house and the Embassy of the Jewish state declined to comment on the publication. The Russian Embassy had not responded to the request of the newspaper.

In “Kaspersky Lab” has again denied involvement in cybercrime

In “Kaspersky Lab” has once again denied any involvement in cybercrime. “Kaspersky lab” is not involved and has no information about this situation. As the reliability of our products is fundamental to our business, “Kaspersky Lab” protects the vulnerable places identified by them or reported by the company,” – said in a statement posted to Facebook.

In “Kaspersky Lab” again assured of his willingness to cooperate with the US authorities about the reliability of its products. The statement noted that the company “has never helped and will never help any government in the world to the attempts of cyber espionage”.

Recall, the U.S. DHS in September called on the us government institutions to refuse products developer of antivirus software “Kaspersky Lab”. The statement noted that this indication was given by the acting head of the DHS Elaine Duke, which is “concerned about the links between some of the employees of “Kaspersky Lab”, Russian intelligence and other government agencies” as well as “requirements, which, according to the Russian legislation allows Russian security services to seek or to compel the assistance of “Kaspersky Lab” in the interception of messages passing through the Russian network”.

The Committee of the house of representatives on science, space and technology October 25, intends to hold hearings on the topic of use in U.S. government agencies of products “Kaspersky Lab”. TASS reported earlier, the representative of the Committee. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the decision of the US authorities around the “Kaspersky Lab” politicized.

The United States refused to “Kaspersky antivirus” on a tip from Israeli intelligence, according to the press 11.10.2017

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