At the headquarters of anti-terrorist operation conducted by the coalition led by the United States, explained the dangerous proximity of aircraft of the United States and Russia in the skies over Syria “a loss of situational awareness in flight,” a Russian pilot. This statement in an interview with TASS was made by the American representative of the staff.

“During the investigation, the coalition had found that the crossing rate was the result of a loss of situational awareness in flight, the Russian pilot and hostile action is not” – said the US military.

According to him, su-35 accompanied by Russian reconnaissance aircraft and “inadvertently passed in front of the nose of the large plane of the coalition”. He noted that the distance between the aircraft at the time of convergence was about 800 metres, from-for what the coalition aircraft “have experienced the turbulence from a jet Russian fighter”.

The Agency source also added that the crew of the coalition immediately got in touch with the Russian pilot, and the next day, the Russian side has informed the colleagues that the pilot of the su-35 was not aware of the coalition aircraft.

The day before Lieutenant General, USA Jeff Harrigan in an interview with CNN said about dangerous rapprochement of the Russian and American aircraft in the skies of Syria, which threatened a collision.

The official representative of the defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov sure that the responsibility for what happened lies with the Americans, and was surprised at the attempts to shift the responsibility for videoconferencing. According to the defense Ministry, October 17, while in the airspace East of the city of Deir ez-Zor, the crew of the American plane “in violation of the rules of safety of the flight fell by nearly 1 km from his height and dangerously close to a distance less than 500 metres to the Russian fighter.”

He also said that representatives of the command of the U.S. air force allegedly “apologized for the incident and promised to conduct relevant work with the pilots to avoid similar situations in the future.”

The United States shifted the blame for the dangerous rapprochement of planes over Syria to the Russian pilot 30.10.2016

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