The US and the EU decided not to ban the carriage of electronic devices like laptops and tablets in hand Luggage on flights from Europe. It is reported BBC with reference to the results of the negotiations on the subject of aviation security conducted by representatives of the US and the EU in Brussels.

In a statement following the meeting said that we are considering a number of other measures to ensure safety. About which measures there is a speech, is not specified.

That Washington may not be able to take laptops into the cabin of the aircraft arriving in the U.S. from European countries, became known last week. The Ministry of national security of the United States stated that considering distribution in Europe of the ban on the transportation of tablets and computers in hand Luggage on flights, which had previously been imposed in respect of eight countries with a predominantly Muslim population.

As reported by the BBC, after the statement of the Ministry the European Union has expressed a desire to discuss with US potential ban. The talks were scheduled for the background of the recent reports available, the US authorities have new informationregarding the alleged aviapress.

At the same time, some European regulators warned that the spread of the prohibition against gadgets can increase the risk of accidents, as the transport of a large number of electronic devices in the cargo compartments associated with an increased risk of fire.

Earlier, in late March, the United States imposed a ban on the carriage of onboard electronic devices in excess of the size of the phone, on the flight from Turkey, Morocco, Jordan, Egypt, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Measures were taken in response to concernsthat terrorists can use gadgets to bring on Board explosive device.

The new requirements have affected passengers travelling to the US via airports in the aforementioned countries. A similar ban was introduced by the United Kingdom, it applies to flights from six countries – Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia.

The United States will not to extend a ban on the transportation of the electronics in the aircraft on flights from Europe 18.05.2017

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