The US government has decided to provide humanitarian assistance to the DPRK in connection with a devastating flood last year, which killed about 130 people. It is reported TASS citing the official North Korean Agency KCNA.

In his new year address to the nation, North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN declared the emergency preparedness test an Intercontinental ballistic missile. In early January, shortly before the inauguration of Donald trump, the United States expanded sanctions against North Korea. 10 Feb trump at a joint press conference with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called a priority for neutralizing the nuclear and missile threats from North Korea.

Between the U.S. and North Korea currently has no diplomatic relations. The interests of Washington in Pyongyang represents the Embassy of Sweden.

What will be expressed humanitarian assistance of the United States, the report did not specify.

The August flooding in the Hamgyong North Korea has to be the worst in 60 years. As reported by the National meteorological administration, Korea, from 29 August to 2 September, there fell from 290 to 320 mm of precipitation came from the banks of the Duman river. In total, killed over 130 people, approximately 400 were missing. Was destroyed tens of thousands of houses and public buildings, inflicted enormous damage to transport and energy system, industrial enterprises and crops. The red cross estimates that the earthquake affected about 600 thousand people.

The DPRK government subsequently declared a mobilization, calling on industry to increase production of cement, building materials and equipment. Assistance to victims was given operating in the Pyongyang offices of international humanitarian organizations.

The United States will provide humanitarian aid to North Korea 11.02.2017

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