The Executive Director of the University of new Mexico in the city
Gallap (South-West US, new Mexico) Christopher Dyer has been
criticized for the allocation of money for organizing the two-day conference
dedicated to the Yeti, reports AP.

“It was the biggest and most crowded event in the history of
campus,” boasted Sam Dyer. According to local TV station KRQE
News 13
, is a pseudo-event cost taxpayers
more than seven thousand dollars. The University paid for advertising, reception
for invited speakers and paid participants a flight and

The self-styled “famous expert” on Bigfoot, Dr. Jeff Meldrum,
in addition to compensation for expenses on the road, received a fee of a thousand
dollars, another speaker, Rob Krider, of $ 500.

Ben Radford, editor of the science magazine The Skeptical Inquirer,
noted that in the event of the existence of mythical creatures
it was spoken of as an undoubted fact, skeptics at the conference
called. “I didn’t know where to find them”, – answered the accusation
organizer Christopher Dyer.

Sam Dyer is a staunch supporter of the existence of snow
man and hunter for it. According to him, he does it in
off-hours and has a collection of a collection of hairs and Bigfoot
photos of suspicious traces. After the conference, Dyer and his
like-minded people in the van went to the ridge, Sandia,
East of Albuquerque, in search of Bigfoot.

Although the students or teachers of the University in the expedition participation
took, the TV station found that the cost paid
University. “Research” ended without results: Dyer said
Bigfoot could not be found, but they were watching
the natural environment of its habitat.

“We found no evidence of the snow,” said Dyer, answering
the reproach of the empty waste of money. He stressed that the uses to
field work Deposit Fund. “Taxpayers’ money
are used for research. Bigfoot or something
anyone,” said Dyer.

A participant in the expedition George Harvey compensated for transport
expenses, food and hotel: he was “very poor, and all his family too, not
I think he would be able to pay,” explained Dyer.

The President (Chancellor) of the University Robert Frank said that he heard about
expenditures on researching Bigfoot from journalists, asked Dr.
Dyer to reflect on how it conducts these activities, and
emphasized that the repetition of such expeditions due to
taxpayers is unacceptable.

According to the profile for Dyer
the website
of the University, by education he is an anthropologist and a biologist,
author of over 50 articles and papers on ecology and biology, member
American anthropological Association. Among hobby hunting
Bigfoot he does not, instead there are: walking
with two dogs, swimming, basketball, weightlifting, Hiking,
the collection of fossils, playing the viola and ensemble

In Russia the legend of Bigfoot has become
in 2009, a key element of a PR campaign to promote
The Kemerovo region as a tourist center of Siberia. Administration
region spread information that the Mountain Shoria (southern Kuzbass) in
the district Azassky cave hunters had seen creatures similar to snow
man (Yeti). The message came with a picture of the cave with
captured after allegedly belonging to the unknown creature. There
expedition dedicated to his quest.

The University of new Mexico criticized for a conference about Bigfoot 03.11.2016

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