In Ekaterinburg parents of 12-year-old student, whose teacher was hit in the head, demanded from the institution of 200 thousand rubles as compensation for medical expenses and moral damages, reports Earlier, the court found the teacher guilty and sentenced to a fine of seven thousand rubles, the Agency said.

“We went to the school with a proposal to voluntarily compensate for the damage, – said journalists the lawyer representing the family of the victim student. – If the school refuses, we will pursue this through the courts.”

The incident at school N69 happened in the past year, the lesson that was conducted by the English teacher. According to her, all the children were busy and only one student consistently rose and came to one classmate, then another, and eventually approached her and said that classmates show him dirty pictures.

The teacher says that she just shrugged off the baby and possibly hurt it. However, in the words of the student and his classmates, the teacher repeatedly struck the boy on the head and he fell, and when I got out of class, he got dizzy and vomited.

The boy immediately called my mom and reported the incident, saying that he was very hurt and offended. Rushed to the school the parents brought the son to hospital where the doctor fixed his swelling, local bruising and swelling in the neck.

After the incident, the parents moved the son to another school, he also had to be treated in the neurological Department and to stop training in the sports section for health reasons, reported in the publication.

The violence to the students by the teachers ceased to be a rarity lately.

In early October, law enforcement authorities in Perm region have begun check under the statement of parents of a first grader who claim that their son beat the class teacher, and it started after the child came to school with money to purchase teaching materials.

According to the father of the victim, the teacher had told him he struck the boy lightly and assured that more so will not do. But human rights activists saw in this situation a flagrant violation of the Federal law “On education”.

At the end of September of the school in Yekaterinburg fired a history teacher that got in a fight with a eighth-grader right in the classroom and apply the choke.

The Ural parents of a sixth-grader who punched a teacher, demanded school 200 thousand 13.10.2016

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