In the town of Serov (Sverdlovsk oblast), emergency workers had an unusual rescue operation, removing tree wild lynx. This was reported in the local public in a social network “Vkontakte” one of the residents.

According to him, the predator was found on a tree near the house N15 on the street of the Coal. Initially, the residents decided that it’s just a big cat. However, coming closer, realized that the tree sits a small lynx, according to Е1.RU. This was confirmed and arrived on the scene, rescuers and policemen.

A press-Secretary GU the Ministry of internal Affairs Valery Gorelykh said that the lynx was sitting in the private sector for railway station, five kilometers from the forest: “behaved calmly, not aggressive, neither against people nor against the dogs and those who came to her rescue. On kitty did not respond”.

According to him, most likely, a predator chased up a tree by dogs. To rescue the animal had to call the fire truck with a ladder. Using special equipment, the rescuers were able to approach the predator and shoot her with a tranq dart. When the lynx fell asleep, it was removed from the tree unharmed.

The animal was taken to the vet for examination. If you find that the lynx are healthy, let her go back to the wild.

The Ural rescuers with a dart and a staircase was removed from the tree wild lynx 07.11.2016

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