The official U.S. state Department spokesman John Kirby explained his words about possible terrorist attacks in Russian cities and the corpses of Russian soldiers in bags”. During the briefing, which took place on 29 September (early morning of September 30 Moscow time), Kirby asked whether there was, in his words, threats to the Russian Federation and Russian citizens.

Kirby replied that, in his words, “no threats.” From its explanations presented on the website of the Department of state, it follows that the words about the “bodies in bags” and terrorist attacks is the answer to the question, what are the implications for Russia if it will become serious attitude to fulfill their obligations to resolve the conflict in Syria.

“I didn’t threaten anyone. Those were the facts, and they are not new,” said Kirby. He explained that of the dire consequences for Russia in case of a serious implementation of the commitments mentioned before more than once. Talked about this, according to Kirby, the head of the Department of state John Kerry; mentioned, in particular, about “continuing the war” and “bloodshed,” Kirby recalled.

Kirby also said the assumption that his words were “incitement to terrorism”, is “totally false”.

The reporter’s questions about possible threats in the statements of Kirby appeared after the reaction of Russian officials to the words spoken by the representative of the state Department at a briefing on September 28 (September 29 Moscow time). Then he was asked what the consequences would be for Russia in case of failure of the agreements on Syria.

“The consequences are that the civil war will continue in Syria, extremists and extremist groups will continue to use the power vacuum to expand its operations, which will include, without doubt, the attack against Russian interests, perhaps even against Russian cities, and Russia will continue to send home the military in bags for bodies,” – said Kirby.

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The reaction to these words are followed almost immediately from the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. She wrote in a Facebook post to quote Kirby and three paragraphs in which interested in from any of the armed groups in Syria to wait for the terrorist attacks; whether the atrocities of the terrorists against foreign nationals common misfortune; and reproached the representative of the state Department in the loss of diplomatic tact: “do Not think that such ventriloquism about the “bodies in bags”, “terrorist attacks in Russian cities” more like a command “bite” than review of a diplomat?”

After Zakharova on the words of Kirby reacted in the Kremlin. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov called the statement of the representative of the state Department is “quite clumsy”, noting that the protection of Russian citizens are Russian special services, and all necessary measures are taken for case of something, and on an ongoing basis.” Subsequently, a statement was made in the defense Ministry, sayingthat the issue of security of Russian citizens is their “main and absolute priority”.

The us Department of state said a word about the threat of terrorist attacks in Russia, putting the facts 30.09.2016

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