Washington is not interested in starting an arms race with Moscow in cyberspace, said in an interview with Wired U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry. However, he said that President Obama will return
measures allegedly committed by Russia hacker attack on the servers of the Democratic party.

The head of the American foreign Minister was asked, whether he is discussing with the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation of a hacker attack. “We definitely discussed it. It is impossible to overstate the danger, Kerry said. We engaged in the control of proliferation of weapons for 50 years. We had the arms race, during which we created more and more nuclear weapons. The last thing we need is a cyber arms race”. (Quoted by TASS.)

“We need to make sure that we keep it under control and everyone is acting responsibly,” – said Kerry. He noted that this may require changes in some of the agreements involving the United States. What exactly, he did not elaborate. The Secretary said the White house prepares a response to the attack, which accused Russian hacker: “Well, the reply to this was made long ago. Now this answer will be given in the manner and at the time, as it’s up to the President, and he may be invisible to you. We are not talking about just sitting in place while committed these attacks”. (Quoted by “Interfax”.)

In July on the website of the organization WikiLeaks published the electronic correspondence kidnapped from the National Committee of the Democratic party. The environment of the candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton.

In early October the Ministry of internal security of the United States and
Dni’s office is putting accused Russia of intentionally hacking into mail servers
American citizens and political organisations to interfere in
the electoral process in the country.

Russian officials deny all allegations of American

The US is not interested in the cyber arms race with Russia, Kerry said 02.11.2016

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