The administration of the President of the United States Donald trump is considering tough new sanctions against North Korea. According to a senior Reuters, Washington, may effectively disable the DPRK from the global financial system. While pre-emptive military strike is not excluded, though unlikely.

A spokesman said that the American authorities had informed China of the impending new sanctions against the DPRK. The fact that the restrictions will hit banks and companies that do business with North Korea, and the vast majority of them from China. It is assumed that such step of the USA motivates Beijing to more actively influence the DPRK. As this information has responded in China, the source said.

Considered by US authorities of sanctions against North Korea remind you of the restrictions that the United States a few years ago imposed against Iran. In the end, the sanctions proved to be productive in 2015 it signed an agreement limiting Iran’s nuclear program.

With North Korea, however, the situation is somewhat different. The country has long been under stringent sanctions, and its international financial linkages and without that not too extensive. In this regard, measures can be more radical. North Korea depends heavily on trade, which is carried out with the intermediation of a small Chinese banks. USA can cut off from the world financial system not only to North Korea but to these banks.

Also in the administration of the trump consider freezing all foreign assets of the Kim Jong-UN and his relatives.

Another source told Reuters that the President is also considering the option to conduct cyber attacks and covert operations aimed at weakening the position of Kim Jong-UN in the country.

“All of these options are not mutually exclusive. The end result is something in between from all of the above. Most likely, less military action,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

He stressed that an attack on North Korea is the most risky method of influence that could plunge the entire region into war and lead to huge losses in Japan, South Korea, and among the tens of thousands of American soldiers based in allied countries.

Recommendations to resolve the North Korean problem at the moment, preparing adviser to trump national security, Lieutenant-General of the land forces Herbert McMaster. It is expected that the President will receive the finished document in the coming weeks. Most likely it will happen before meeting with Chinese President XI Jinping in early April.

The US is preparing new sanctions against North Korea that would cut it off from global financial system 21.03.2017

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