The U.S. state Department continues to refuse to provide data that confirm the reports about the bombing VKS RF civil objects. On the eve of the Russian defense Ministry has presented aerial photographs taken on 31 October this year, showing an undamaged building of the hospital in Sarmin Syrian, in which attacks on Russia in mid-October accused some Western media.

“We say that we have seen information that Russia strikes on civilian infrastructure. We advise you to contact the Syrian non-governmental organizations who work on site (in Syria), as well as to open-source”, – quotes RIA “news” the official representative of the U.S. Department of state Elizabeth Trudeau.

On the question of mass media representatives from Russia about what the hospital was allegedly bombed by aircraft of the Russian Federation, Trudeau suggested that we ask the Russian authorities, “that they are bombing”. The theme, however, continued American journalists who was surprised by the reluctance of the U.S. state Department to share the evidence. “We know that they have struck,” said Trudeau, but details not reported.

As notes TASS, on the eve of the defense Ministry held a briefing, during which the official representative of the military Department Igor Konashenkov showed footage from public sources construction in 2014 of a hospital in Sarmin and photos of the area, made by the Russian aviation on 31 October this year.

“As you can see, the building whole. This is the data of our survey 31 October 2015. As you can see, all the typical buildings and structures, which in 2014 were, and today they are present in the picture, which was made the day before yesterday”, – said Konashenkov.

Recall that information about the shelling of the hospital appeared on the website of the Syrian American medical society (SAMS) on October 22. Dr. Mohammed Tennery, who heads a field hospital in Sarmin in Idlib province, told about the death of 12 people: doctors, guards and 10 civilians. He blamed it on the Russian aviation.

Konashenkov in reply said: “Before you destroy any object of terrorists, information is checked for days and through multiple channels. And only when we receive one hundred percent confidence in target, the aircraft strikes the appropriate infrastructure LIH precision munition”.

On this one, however, disputes between officials of Russia and the U.S. has not ended. In late October, a spokesman for the U.S. Embassy in Moscow will Stevens accused Russia that 80% of the blows the Russian Federation in the SAR focused on facilities of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia), and on objects for the anti-Assad opposition and civil infrastructure.

The defense Ministry carefully reviewed the interview with Stevens on an evaluation of the effectiveness of the actions of the Russian air group in Syria. “This publication is certainly a rare journalistic luck. Still, not every day is able to read. Right childish innocence,” – said Konashenkov.

Media reported about the airstrikes HQs of the Russian Federation on the outskirts of Palmyra

Presumably Russian military aircraft bombed the outskirts of the Syrian city of Palmyra, which keep the terrorists of the IG. On it informs Agency Associated Press with reference to local activist Nasser al-Tair.

The interlocutor told the AP that at least eight airstrikes had at the place where is situated the ancient castle. The damage from the bombing of al-Tahir called was difficult, but noted that the district was raised clouds of dust and the high column of smoke.

The Syrian center of monitoring of observance of human rights confirmed this information, adding that the strikes had ten. To give particulars of the organization, however, also failed.

As reminds Agency, Palmyra was captured by militants of the “Islamic state” in may. This city is full of ancient ruins, which have always enjoyed the interest of tourists. However, some historic sites, including the temple of Bel and the triumphal arch in Ancient Roman times, the terrorists have already destroyed, because they “condone idolatry.”

The US refused to provide facts about Russian aircraft bombing hospitals in Syria 03.11.2015

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