The US will send to Afghanistan an additional sum of about three thousand soldiers. Most of them either are, or notified about his upcoming placement in the Islamic Republic. Said this yesterday to journalists the Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis, at the end of August signed the order about sending additional U.S. troops to Afghanistan, but then not give the exact number of military.

The head of the Pentagon has explained that it is only an approximate figure and the last orders about the placement of troops has not yet been signed. “It’s definitely something more than three thousand people, and frankly, now I haven’t signed the final orders, as we are working on a number of special small parts”, – quotes Reuters the statement of Mattis.

As noted by DW, last weekend at a meeting in Tirana, Albania chiefs of staff 29 member countries of the NATO recognised the need to increase military units in Afghanistan. But the final decision on the matter will be decided before the next meeting in October. In Berlin stated that the expansion of the military presence of the Bundeswehr in Afghanistan are planned.

In June, NATO said about the intention to build up its forces in Afghanistan, but noted that about military operations out of the question. “It concerns education, support, counseling (Afghan military)… This does not apply to military actions”, – explained the Secretary General of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg.

Earlier, Reuters reported that the USA will direct to Afghanistan an additional approximately 3.5 thousand military. CBS reported back in mid-August, as the AP wrote in June about the figure of four thousand soldiers. General Mattis on August 31 stated that he signed the order sending the additional military contingent, but did not name the exact number of troops. However, Mattis explained that it is “about expert advisors, specialists and so forth.”

The day before the Pentagon revealed data about the number of American troops stationed in Afghanistan. As reported by the U.S. Department of defense, we are talking about 11 thousand soldiers. As noted journalists, Washington for the first time in many years presented an objective picture of the military contingent of the USA in Afghanistan.

Before the Pentagon officially said about 8.4 thousand soldiers. “In accordance with the new simplified methodology of counting total number is about 11 thousand. It does not include potential adjustments that may make the Minister of defence James Mattis, according to the instructions of the President,” – said on 30 August, the representative of the joint chiefs of staff U.S. army General Kenneth Mackenzie.

22 August the head of the command of the armed forces of the United States in the middle East, General Joseph Votel said that us military will arrive in Afghanistan in the coming days or weeks.

The day before the US President Donald trump, speaking at the military base “Fort Meyer” in Virginia, presented the new strategy of the United States in Afghanistan. According to her the authority of the us military in this country will expand to fight with terrorists. Washington will now operate in the region according to circumstances, will not announce the size of its military contingent in the country and will not announce the beginning and ending dates of military operations.

Trump also added that the United States intends to continue the war in Afghanistan, as a quick withdrawal of us military from there can lead to the formation of the country of the vacuum, which is filled with fighters. At the same time the head of state did not mention specific figures on Washington’s plans to increase military contingent in Afghanistan.

The Taliban* responded to the US decision to continue the war in Afghanistan and increasing the size of its military contingent promise to”continue the Jihad”. “Instead of continuing the war (in Afghanistan), Americans would do well to think about withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan,” said Taliban spokesman* Zabiulla Mujahid.

NATO completed the withdrawal of its combat forces from Afghanistan in 2014. Since then, the country has the Alliance’s mission “Resolute support” (Resolute support) a population of 13.5 thousand people. Its tasks include training, assistance in management and logistics, as well as supplying intelligence to Afghan national security forces number about 360 thousand people. Financing of the national army, also provide NATO countries at the level of about five billion dollars per year.

Despite all these measures, in recent years, confronts the government, the Taliban* achieved significant successes in Afghanistan, returning control of the territory of the country. In addition, in 2015 in Afghanistan strengthened the position of groups of groups associated with the terrorist organization “Islamic state”* in the fight against the government in Kabul and the Taliban*.

The deterioration of the situation in Afghanistan began under the previous US administration headed by Barack Obama. In this regard he refused the planned drawdown of American troops in the country almost doubled to the end of 2016.

*The Taliban, the Taliban; Islamic state (ISIS, ISIL, DAISH) is a terrorist group banned in Russia.

The US will send to Afghanistan an additional about three thousand military 19.09.2017

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