At the Vatican the Congregation for the doctrine of the faith on Tuesday, October 25,
issued a new instruction about the rite of burial of ashes
cremated, according to Vatican
, leading the full text of the document.

The Catholic Church does not oppose the practice of cremation, but
we still recommend that you bury the ashes in cemeteries or in other
sacred places. In a new document called Ad resurgendum cum
Christo sets out the doctrinal and pastoral reasons for preferred
methods of disposal of ashes in case of cremation. Among them – the memory of
death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus as the culmination of the truth
of the Christian faith.

“In those circumstances when cremation is selected because of
sanitary, economic and social considerations, this choice must not clearly violate the wishes of the deceased. The Church does not object
against this practice, as the cremation of the deceased does not affect its
or her soul and not hurt the Almighty God to revive the body to a new
life. Thus, the cremation itself is not objectively deny either
the Christian doctrine of the immortality of the soul, nor the resurrection of the body”,
stated in the fourth paragraph of the document.

Cremation is not prohibited, except those cases when it
is “for reasons contrary to Christian doctrine”
the document stresses. For the first time the Vatican has indicated that cremation “itself
not in itself contrary to the Christian religion,” in July 1963.

The new manual specifies that “the preservation of the ashes in the home
the room is not allowed”, and this can happen only in
exceptional cases in connection with the cultural characteristics of some
countries. In addition, ashes can’t be divided between relatives.

The document prohibits widespread lately
the practice of “ashes in the air, scattering across the land and in the water.”
and save the “cremated remains in the form of mementos
jewelry or other objects”.

If the deceased is officially bequeathed to cremate his body and keep
the dust in this way for reasons contrary to Christian
faith, the clergy must refuse to conduct the ceremony
the funeral, says the guidance.

Prefect of the congregation, cardinal Gerhard müller underscored that this
the document was addressed to the bishops of the Roman Catholic Church, “however
directly concerns the life of all believers,” reports RIA “Novosti”.

“It’s reason to believe that in the near future in many
countries cremation is perceived as a common practice. And it
the development is accompanied by another phenomenon: the preservation of the ashes at home
conditions it is stored in the form of mementos and purge
in nature,” said serially cardinal.

In March of this year, cardinal müller presented a paper Ad resurgendum
cum Christo on consideration to Pope Francis who
fully approved.

The Vatican has released new rules for storing cremains 25.10.2016

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