The veteran of special troops of the state security Committee (KGB) has criticized the movement “memorial” for the publication of a Handbook with the names of the NKVD during the Great terror. Recently on the website of “Memorial” appeared in the reference section, which presents data about the NKVD, worked in the organization in the years 1935-1939.

In an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking” veteran of the special operations group of the KGB Valery Kiselev called “memorial” harmful organization. He expressed the opinion that the activities of the movement divides Russia’s population.

“The division of society and so we have going. And increase split due to the fact to remember that our forefathers who what is right or wrong showed in his life, is a big problem,” – said Kiselev. “I do believe them (“memorial”) harmful organization for the Russian society. And their work more,” he concluded.

According to the veteran of the KGB, the repression under Joseph Stalin was a “continuation of the class struggle” and this process was supposed to end with the victory of the proletariat. Kiselev expressed confidence that the repression has benefited the country. “Stalin has fulfilled the tasks which stood before him: to destroy, to shoot, unfortunately, a great number of innocent, blameless people, but it was in good 90% of the population of Russia”, – he said.

Recently on the website of “Memorial” appeared to “the staff of bodies of state security of the USSR. 1935-1939″, which is a database of thousands 950 39 the NKVD. The information that formed the basis of the electronic reference were collected by the researcher Andrey Zhukov. In compiling the database he used the orders of the NKVD personnel, documents about the dead and missing in the war, as well as data on people subjected to repression.

In the “Memorial” called the appearance of the directory “a substantial step towards a more in-depth and accurate understanding of the tragic history of our country in the 30 years of the twentieth century.”

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov in response to a request of journalists to comment on the publication on the website of the “Memorial” on the eve refused to do it. “I will leave, perhaps, to make no comment on this issue”, – said the representative of the Kremlin.

At the same time, Peskov noted that “the topic is very sensitive, it is clear that opinions diverge here for many, there are diametrically opposed points of view, and those and others sometimes act very convincingly”.

The veteran of special troops of the KGB called “memorial” “bad organization” by publishing the data of the NKVD 25.11.2016

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