Family dispute over different views on proper nutrition of children has led to the fact that a resident of Vladivostok complained to the Prosecutor on his wife-a vegetarian. The man said that his wife adversely affects the physical development of children. On his complaint, brought an administrative case, but in the end it was closed behind absence of structure of an offense, reports RIA PrimaMedia.

“On October 3 from the prosecution, the police received a message from a resident of Vladivostok, who claimed that his wife adversely affects the children as not feeding them meat, believing that they should be vegetarian, – told Agency in the press service of the city police. – This complaint initiated a case on administrative offence under article 5.35 (“the Failure of parents or other lawful representatives of minor duties under the maintenance and education of minors)”.

However, to the visiting family, the staff of the guardianship and inspection juvenile saw plump children and a fridge full of groceries, the Agency reports. Also, visitors talked to the children, who are no complaints against the mother is not expressed. Children are healthy, complaints about their condition from the experts were not available, living conditions are normal, reports the portal of DV , citing the police.

In the end, the inspectors found that the grounds for initiation of administrative proceedings for failure to fulfill parental responsibilities there. While the wife pays no attention to the reproaches of her husband and continues to feed his family the dishes of vegetables, reports According to PrimaMedia, the couple now have a very strained relationship, they are getting a divorce.

This story aroused great interest among residents of the capital of Primorye and local reporters turned to the experts to find out the harmful or beneficial to children giving up meat. A nutritionist and a practicing vegetarian Nikolai Levin in comments PrimaMedia said that the child may not eat meat, but then his diet must be present fish and seafood and also milk and eggs.

“A child needs a quality balanced diet. If children do not eat meat, then this one, but if you feed them only plant foods, leaving one milk or even removing it from the diet, then of course it is not useful. The child must consume the full range of products,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

The Vladivostok said to the Prosecutor on wife, vegan, children deprived of meat 12.10.2016

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