The Prosecutor’s office traktorozavodskogo district of Volgograd has cancelled the decision about refusal in excitation of criminal case passed by the territorial police Department on the audit information about the desecration of the national flag, the wipers, used the tricolour as a makeshift bag to collect fallen leaves. This was reported by the regional Prosecutor’s office.

Procedure check for the presence of signs of a crime under article 329 of the criminal code (“Abuse of state flag of the Russian Federation), organized the police Department-1 UMVD the Russian Federation across the Volgograd and its results on 4 November the police took the decision on refusal in initiation of proceedings, the report said.

November 7, check materials received to the Prosecutor, and the results of their study of the decision on refusal in initiation of proceedings cancelled as unlawful in connection with the incompleteness of the conducted verification activities. The materials are sent to the police for further verification, has notified the Supervisory Agency.

Earlier in the regional police Directorate reported that the district Prosecutor’s office refused to open a case on this scandalous case, which became public knowledge thanks to the local resident, who directed the actions of the janitors in the video, posted it online and contacted law enforcement.

“The district Prosecutor’s office, after reviewing the submissions, did not see in actions of employees MOP ZHKKH “UK tzr” (management company of the traktorozavodskoy district. – Approx. of an offence in connection with which the criminal case was denied” – quoted by RIA “Novosti” Deputy head of the Department of information and public relations GU MVD in the Volgograd region Anton Kornauhov.

The video shows how in Traktorozavodsky area janitors throw the garbage and foliage on the Russian tricolor, and then overload in the car. Thus, in response to the comment of an eyewitness, who filmed the event on camera, janitors explained that this is not the flag of the Russian Federation, and the red, white and blue banner, listing the colors of the national flag in reverse order.

During the inspection the culprits declared five employees MOP ZHKKH “UK tzr”, including the Director of the company. They were reprimanded and lost their prizes, and the boss of the plot, which was high above the wipers, was fired. Meanwhile, media reports citing themselves janitors reported that the Russian flag they found in the analysis of the debris at the site for storage of household waste and decided to use it for the harvesting of foliage due to lack of funding and shortage of garbage bags.

According to article 329 of the criminal code, the desecration of the national flag of the Russian Federation faces a sentence of up to one year of imprisonment.

The Volgograd Prosecutor’s office has instructed the police again to investigate garbage collection in the Russian flag 08.11.2016

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