The “orange revolution” in Ukraine in autumn 2004 became a model of resistance to rigged elections in autocratic regimes. A large part of the revolts were defeated, however, Russian President Vladimir Putin has developed a craze of “color revolutions”, which he is convinced, is arranged US. Now the Russian leader is trying to stir up numerous protests in the USA against the background of presidential elections, writes The Washington Post.

Observer publishing Jackson Diehl notes that it is in this context, it is necessary to consider Russia’s interference in the US elections. “Putin is trying to give us political elite, what he thinks of her own medicine: to kindle using, unconscious or conscious, of Donald trump’s “color revolution” in the United States,” says the journalist, quoted by InoPressa.

DIL describes an approximate scheme in which occurred most of the “color revolutions”: in the course of protests against entrenched elites were an external political movement; it conducted its own exit polls and published via the foreign media results, proving that the elections were rigged and urged his supporters to take to the streets.

According to the journalist, the first step of the campaign Putin was hacking hacking computers of the national Committee of the Democratic party and distribution of materials, suggesting that the former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton engaged in fraud. The tramp played her role, accusing the opponent of “corruption”. Then there were suggestions that the voting system can be hacked. Traffic trump to “Stop stealing” plans to conduct its own exit polls, said the author.

“A revolution?” – asks the journalist. Putin understands that Washington is not Kiev, but the uprising can occur online: imagine a storm of Internet posts with the support of paid Kremlin trolls, in which it has been suggested that the “political establishment” “stole the election” in favor of Clinton, as it is called trump, the deal continues.

“This will not prevent Clinton to take up his post not more than the protests on Bolotnaya square in Moscow prevented Putin’s inauguration in may 2012. But Clinton will begin his term after suffering political damage within the country and abroad. Putin will seek retribution. And trump will reveal itself extremely useful idiot” – summarizes the author.

Last weekend, us media reported on the conspiracy in favor of Hillary Clinton during the investigation, the FBI data on the use of her private server for e-mail while working with U.S. Secretary of state. Sources Fox News channel, saying that a report with these conclusions was presented to the American Congress.

For the campaign, Clinton’s scandal with the use of private servers was a major issue, but in the end, former Secretary of state managed to avoid indictment. Exposure was submitted on 14 October, the Committee on intelligence and the Committee on oversight activities of the state bodies of the chamber of representatives of the U.S. Congress.

The FBI report indicates the collusion of high-ranking state Department official with the Bureau agents during the investigation into Clinton. The candidate in US presidents from Democratic party had previously admitted that the led official and private correspondence via your own private server. She, however, insisted that passed on secret data.

About the contents of the report told Fox News a Republican Congressman from Utah Jason Chaffetz familiar with the documents. He argues that the FBI report refers to “exchange at a counter-service”, which involved the under Secretary of state Patrick Kennedy, FBI. According to him, at least in one case, discussed the “changing classification of a document in exchange for the possibility of more positions for the FBI in missions abroad.” According to the channel, Kennedy tried to get the assignment speccode to hide certain letters from congressmen.

Earlier it became known that the American official persons, without naming names, referenced by the TV channel CNN, accused the Russian authorities in cooperation with the organization WikiLeaks, which continues to publish the stolen correspondence after leaking emails of the Democratic party of the United States, which Washington suspects Russian hackers.

American officials familiar with the investigation into the leak, said there are indications that the Russian government had supplied WikiLeaks with data mailboxes. The reason for such assumptions become a regular publication by WikiLeaks of the letters of the head of the election campaign of Democrats John Podestà.

While intelligence officials are still studying how related to Russia and WikiLeaks. “Moscow at least is engaged in the provision of information, or even directly responsible for the leak,” said one of the official sources CNN.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has previously denied any connection or cooperation with Russia. In the Russian Federation deny any connection with hacker attacks. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov called such allegations “absurd” and drew attention to the fact that Washington had not provided “any evidence, no facts” in favor of the fact that Moscow interferes with the election process of the United States.

The national Committee of the democratic party, has previously said that the burglary was committed in favor of rival former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton in the fight for the U.S. presidency – Republican nominee Donald trump.

During the first round of debate with trump, Clinton accused his opponent that he “invited the Russians to” organize the attack. Trump denied the charges and said that the Russian involvement in the incident has not been proven. We would add that the US administration does not exclude that the presidential election voting system States will undergo large-scale hacker attack.

The Washington Post: Putin is trying to rekindle mass protests in the United States 17.10.2016

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