The website of the Russian foreign Ministry has been hijacked, said in a diplomatic office. The consequences are not visible, however the official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova confirmed the fact of burglary. Earlier, the broadcaster CNN was told that the hacking involved in American hacker The Jester.

“Site hacked. Who is found out by experts”, – said Zakharov, the radio station “Moscow speaking”.

Later, Zakharov explained that the hacked was the old site of the Ministry of foreign Affairs that is not already used by: “Professionals sort out what it was. If it determines that there was a break-in, though not running, Americans, it’s unpleasant, because or began to operate the cyber-machine of destruction, which said (Vice-President Joe) Biden and (former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael) McFaul, or this hell of a provocative campaign in the States brought the people to such a state that they begin to destroy everything in its path.”

CNN reported earlier that a hacker wanted revenge for a large-scale cyber attack on Friday, when temporarily out of order part of the popular American sites. In his opinion, this incident is Russia.

The CNN report contained a link to a page on the website of the Russian Department, where, apparently, the Jester had to leave his message. At the time of this writing, the page informs about “error in query”.

RIA “Novosti” reports the text that the hacker, according to CNN, posted on the website of the Russian foreign Ministry: “Comrades! We interrupt this program to broadcast the website of the Russian foreign Ministry to convey the following important message. Stop. Maybe you get to push around neighboring countries but this is America. It is here nobody to impress”.

Washington has repeatedly accused Moscow in cyber attacks on the facilities of the United States, especially after a series of publications e-mail close to Hillary Clinton faces on the Wikileaks website. In the United States believe that the attack on the servers of the Democratic party involved Russian hackers. Clinton herself, now a candidate for President of the United States, directly accused Russia in the last debate with his opponent in the presidential race, billionaire Donald trump.

The Kremlin rejects any involvement in the attacks.

The website of the Russian foreign Ministry has been hijacked, is being tested 23.10.2016

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