The organization WikiLeaks has published the next part of the email correspondence of John Podestà, head of the electoral headquarters of the candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton. Has repeatedly expressed suspicion that the series of leaks are the Russian hackers.

On the eve of WikiLeaks said in Twitterthat published the tenth part of the correspondence Podestà. Yourself emails posted on the website of the organization.

It should be noted that all the leaks of e-mail Podestà was published on the WikiLeaks website. In total in open access were more than 15 thousand letters. The publication of the first part took place on 8 October. Each serving contains several thousand letters.

Mainly this communication Podestà with Clinton advisers, media representatives, as well as fragments of the speeches of Clinton. Recently FoxNews channel analyzed trapped in the open access due to the leakage performances of Clinton and found them in praise to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. While more recently former Secretary of state criticized his opponent, Republican candidate Donald trump for excessive sympathy to the Russian leader.

Earlier it became known that the American official persons, without naming names, referenced by CNN, I suspect the Russian authorities, in cooperation with WikiLeaks. American officials familiar with the investigation of the leak noted that there is evidence that the Russian government had supplied WikiLeaks with data mailboxes. The reason for such assumptions are precisely the regular publication of letters Podestà on the website exposing the organization. While intelligence officials are still studying how related to Russia and WikiLeaks.

It is known that the FBI is already investigating the hacking of email campaign, Clinton. The Podesta himself, after the publication of the first portions of letters the accused in the leak of hackers from Russia. According to him, the Russian side is trying to influence the course of U.S. presidential elections, giving an advantage to Trump.

Although the official evidence of Moscow’s involvement in the leaks is still not provided, in Washington, DC have already announced a possible response to Russia’s actions. President Barack Obama is considering a number of options proportional response to a hacker attack from Russia, said earlier the representative of the White house Josh Ernest. The public might not learn about the action taken, he warned journalists.

Washington October 7 formally accused Russia of hacking the servers of the US Democratic party. In a statement the Ministry of homeland security and office of the Director of national intelligence stated that the hacker attacks to steal classified information was intended to be Moscow’s engagement in the American electoral process.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has previously denied any connection or cooperation with Russia. In turn, the Russian side claims about lack of involvement in hacking attacks.

The website WikiLeaks in July 2016 published e-mails of the national Committee of the US Democratic party (DNC), which revealed that the leadership of the party supported presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in its fight against rival Democrat Bernie Sanders. The head of the DNC Debbie Wasserman-Schultz after the scandal, announced the resignation.

After the leak, media reports, citing US intelligence began to report that the hacking was allegedly involved hackers working with the Russian authorities. The motive of the hacking could be an attempt of Russia to influence the course of the campaign, casting doubt on Clinton and thus pulling the sympathy of voters on her opponent’s trump.

The website WikiLeaks has published another batch of correspondence of the head of the electoral headquarters of Clinton 18.10.2016

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