The new President of Federation of weightlifting of Russia (FTAR) at the reporting-election conference in Vladimir was elected Maxim Agapitov. His candidacy was given 43 votes out of 68, with 25 votes received, Mikhail stepaniants, reports the press service of the FTAR.

Agapitov September was the acting head of the organization after the resignation of former leader, Sergei raw.

To head the FTAR claimed also Syrtsov, Chairman of the Federation Council Sergey Eremin, previously head of Federation Vyacheslav Klokov and the former head of Moscomsport Mikhail Stepanyants.

During the reporting-elective conference of a raw, shreds and Eremin their nominations removed.

The new head of the FTAR declared his innocence to the doping problems in recent years faced the Federation.

“Throughout its polusportivnogo activities I had nothing no to coaching, nor in the preparation of our team. Does this not in contact, so even hypothetically speaking you can’t assume that I am somewhat involved in recent doping scandals. In this respect I have a clean reputation”, – quotes TASS Agapitova.

Recall that the Russian weight lifters along with athletes are unable to participate in the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. The international weightlifting Federation (IWF) was banned from participating in Games because of the numerous cases of violation of anti-doping rules. Arbitration the situation has not changed.

Moreover, after Rio 2016 Federation of weightlifting of Russia is waiting for a one-year disqualification, which will lead to a complete ban on participation in international competitions.

One of the requirements of IWF on the restoration of the membership of the FTAR was the raw resignation as Chairman of the antidoping Commission of the European weightlifting Federation (EWF).

The weightlifting Federation of Russia received a new President with a clean record 23.11.2016

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