While EU countries are trying urgently to resolve the issue with an unprecedented influx of refugees from the Middle East and North Africa, Russia, in the opinion of the West, remain aloof from the problems and, according to critics, only “gloats” and “trolls”
countries, when faced with a critical situation. Against this background, the authorities of Poland, recently adored from the common fate of the EU countries to accept migrants under the pretext of waiting a large number of refugees from Donbas, unexpectedly called on Russia to help.

Meanwhile the media write that it is only at first glance, Russia could help the EU, taking up the new arrivals. In fact, indicates the press, in Russia itself there is a problem with migrants, which has remained unresolved for a long time, which it does not advertise.

On Friday of the refugee problem touched on in his speech to the Eastern economic forum in Vladivostok, Russian President Vladimir Putin. He saidthat the crisis of migrants was completely expected, as the West continues to impose its erroneous policy in the regions of the Muslim world. According to Putin, Russia and he warned about the inevitability of such a development a few years ago.

“What is this policy? It is the imposition of their standards, not taking into account any historical or religious, national and cultural characteristics of these regions. This is primarily the policy of our American partners,” – said the Russian leader.

“Russia gloats”

In a similar key with Putin about pernicious of the West’s policy in this area recently spoke other officials of the Russian Federation, which gave the publication Buzz Feed cause for accusations of Russia in that it responds to the refugee crisis in Europe, “so, how does the best – trolling”.

“While European countries are trying to cope with an unprecedented tide of refugees, Russia gloats,” wrote in an article in the Buzz Feed journalist Max Seddon, the words quoted InoPressa. As examples of such trolling Seddon cites the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova and the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov about the refugee crisis.

Eve Maria Zakharova said that the wave of refugees fleeing war in Syria has convinced Russia in the correctness of its policy of supporting dictator Bashar Assad and preventing the attempts of the West to intervene at a time when Syria was plunged into chaos, the author writes.

According to Zakharova, who leads the journalist, the refugee crisis was “a direct consequence of the totally irresponsible and ill-conceived policy changes of political regimes in the region”. The representative of the Russian foreign Ministry advised the EU to follow the example of Russia, who, according to a recent assessment of the head of the Russian Federal migration service Konstantin Romodanovsky, more than a million refugees from Ukraine.

Seddon leads and statement Kadyrov in Instagram that the US and Europe allegedly “contributed to the tragedy of tens of millions of people” in countries with predominantly Muslim populations (Afghanistan and Libya.

Summing up such “malicious” statements, the journalist concludes that it is “not just thrust trolling US at every opportunity”. The fact is that Russia has long opposed the policy of the West in the middle East, saying it was the cause of promoting the radical group “Islamic state” that were banned in Russia, and like her, he explains.

The Russians and EU citizens dislike the refugees

As written by Max Seddon at Buzz Feed, many Russians support the hostility towards refugees, which is observed in some parts of Europe. This opinion about the attitude of Russian citizens to the issue of shares and Egor Vinogradov, who prepared the review on this topic in Runet for DW. In his estimation, to evaluate if the comments online, the friendly of them “in the minority”. As pointed out by Vinogradov, a Russian-speaking inhabitants of the blogosphere “as if competing to be a painful prick Europe.”

The author of the review mentions some of the most revealing statements. So, blogger Tayler Durden wrote with undisguised sarcasm about the problems of Hungary, which was flooded with thousands of refugees seeking transit access to the rich countries of the EU: “Sho, Hungarians, badly was when you “dictatorship” and tanks? As there free from the Russian barbarians Budapest?” At least the sarcastic remark of Arthur Busana, “the Germans were afraid of competition from well-educated, healthy, tolerant people in Africa”.

Popular in Runet in those days was the idea that refugees from Syria and Libya is not a poor people, and crooks, writes Egor Vinogradov, citing a review Vishka: “Before you get upset over dead in Greece Syrian “refugees”, you need to answer a simple question. If they actually fled from the civil war, why they did not stop in Turkey? There is no fighting. What are they then fled from Turkey?” “The solution lies on the surface. They had not fled the war, and for the best content in Europe. Literally brought children in sacrifice free lunch. No mercy and the more sympathy I have these people not called,” the blogger continues.

Note that after the death of a family of Syrian refugees off the coast of Western Turkey commentators expressed sympathy for them, especially in connection with the appearance in the press photos of the lifeless body of a little boy who fled with his parents and brother from Kobani.

But in Russia, many believe, as Vishka. For example, Oriental-breeze writes: “Many of them are not refugees, and the most ordinary economic speculators posing as refugees. In search of an easy life, and freebies…”

In defense of Europe made popular blogger Anton Nosik who supported the advocates closing borders to refugees. “Of course, sorry for these guys, but that’s no reason to ignore the real situation. In Serbia there is no war for 16 years. And these good Muslims fleeing from Serbia totally against war and for social benefits for refugees from the EU taxpayer,” wrote he.

In Poland urged Russia to help Europe

Meanwhile in Poland expressed the view that Russia should assist Europe, taking the part of the refugees. About it on air of radio station “Moscow speaking” said the Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Poland to Russia Katarzyna pelczynska-Nalecz.

As the diplomat noted, the problem of migrants is a question not only of Europe, but also Russia. “Russia is also a country that could such refugees to accept. And for Russia, and for Europe will be better this problem be considered a common problem,” he said.

Earlier that Poland itself is not ready, along with other EU countries to accept migrants from the Middle East and North Africa, as busy preparing for the coming influx of refugees from Ukraine, said the country’s President Andrzej Duda. However, then Prime Minister of Poland ewa kopacz said that Poland is ready to accept 2.2 thousand migrants.

Meanwhile, the edition of The Wall Street Journal recently warned that perhaps Russia is also waiting for the invasion of Syrian refugees, who came up with an alternative route to Europe via North of the Russian Federation. According to the Syrians, if you go through the Murmansk region, you can get to Norway in just three days and spend less than three thousand dollars, mentioned in the article.

The newspaper “Vedomosti” writes that Russia already has a refugee problem, which it does not advertise. According to the newspaper, thousands of people over the years have to be on a semi-legal status. As the article States, in Russia, too, are refugees, but only a few receive refugee status.

According to the FMS, in Russia reported a total of 816 refugees, 385, natives of Afghanistan, 285 – Ukraine, the newspaper said. According to human rights activist Svetlana Gannushkina, refugee status during the year received only two born in Syria. In the FMS announced that it has registered three Syrian refugees. As “Vedomosti”, it is connected with the intricate and elaborate procedure of legalization. The system of the FMS was not ready for an influx of refugees from the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria. It resulted in a corruption scheme, the complexity of the refugees continues.

The West condemned Russia for “trolling” and “gloating” about the scale of the refugee crisis in the EU 04.09.2015

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