In a sharp reaction of Russia in connection with the beginning on Thursday, December 1, missile firing of the Armed forces of Ukraine drew attention to the West. Press writes about a new round of deterioration of relations between the two countries. The French authorities called on the parties to show restraint. The command of the NATO forces, according to sources, was sent to exercise area the plane. In Kiev, meanwhile, reported the successful rocket launches, and the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko explained the exercises the need to be constantly ready “to full-scale invasion on the part of our aggressive neighbor”.

Plane NATO E-3A AWACS flew to the area of firing, reports “Interfax” with reference to Western sites, tracking movement of military aviation. According to their information, the plane of distant radar detection and guidance of aircraft, tail number LX-N90444 and call sign NATO07 taking off from a base Geilenkirchen in Germany, conducted reconnaissance in the airspace of Romania near the Black sea.

French authorities urged Moscow and Kiev to show restraint after the black sea fleet of the Russian Federation in connection with the Ukrainian exercises took up positions off the West coast of the Crimea. “France is concerned about the deployment of Russian warships off coast of Crimea”, – said at a briefing in Paris, the official representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs Romain Nadal, quoted by Reuters. He warned against the escalation of tensions and urged the parties to the dialogue, assuring that France is ready to assist in this process.

That missile firing Ukrainian army led to the escalation of tension in relations between the two countries, writes The Daily Mail, pointing out that the exercises led Moscow into a rage.

The Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation insist that Ukraine’s actions threaten the safety of international air navigation

November 24 Ukraine issued the NOTAM (notice to aircraft) on the establishment of “danger zones” in the airspace over certain areas of the Black sea and Crimea. The report said that the air force of the army of Ukraine intend to hold a training missile firing in the South of Ukraine over the Black sea on December 1-2.

The next day the Ukrainian military attaché in Moscow was transferred to the military-diplomatic note containing the protest against the firings that affect the airspace over the Russian territorial waters in the Crimea. Ukrainian media reported that the note said that Russia would shoot down a Ukrainian missile during firing in the case that they will present a danger. Information on Thursday confirmed the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

Despite the protests of Moscow, the shooting began early on Thursday morning, as planned. According to official reports, conducted a test-flight tests anti-aircraft missiles s-300. The Ukrainian military said that the exercise area is removed from the air space of the Crimea is not less than 30 kilometers.

Rosaviatsia reported that the Ukraine has issued new aviation notification according to which area of the missile firings in the Black sea shifted to neutral waters, the territorial waters of Russia are not affected. District Ukrainian exercises still included in the zone of responsibility of Russian managers, but for the safety of Russian airlines flying to Simferopol is not affected, said the Agency. However, the transport Ministry said that Ukraine’s actions threaten the safety of international air navigation, reports RIA “Novosti”.

The rockets hit the intended target, reported in Kiev

Summing up the first runs, the Secretary of national security and defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov said that the anti-aircraft missiles hit their targets, confirming their combat characteristics.

“Today, despite the hysterical Russia, threats to use missiles against us, we had military exercises with test launches of missiles of average range. And importantly, we did it according to the approved plan, at a predetermined time and publicly stated. The rockets hit the intended target,” said Turchynov, quoted by the Ukrainian Agency UNIAN. He called the shooting a “very serious step” to restore the air defence of the country.

Commenting on the firing, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, in turn, said that no one will stop country’s armed forces the task of building an effective air defense of Kiev and Ukraine. He said this on Thursday during the ceremony of the standard to the NSU battalion of Kulchitsky.

“Today and tomorrow we are conducting planned exercises, including testing controlled anti-aircraft missiles, as for the previous 23 years, the air defence system was destroyed. And now it is our responsibility to build the air defense of Kiev and all Ukraine. And no one can stop us, and we will act in the interests of safety of the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian state”, – said Poroshenko, quoted by the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

Poroshenko noted that “triggers happen in Ukraine’s airspace over the high seas in full compliance with international law.” “Aerial firing to happen regardless of any statements that Moscow does. The only reason that causes us to do these exercises, the need to be constantly ready for full-scale invasion on the part of our aggressive neighbor” – summed up the President.

The West is concerned about the new escalation of tensions due to the Ukrainian missile firings, by perturbing the RF 01.12.2016

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