Russia may face greater international isolation if they continue to support Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and decides to act in this country alone, without joining the international coalition fighting the terrorist group “Islamic state”. This was at the briefing on Monday said White house press Secretary Josh Ernest.

Answering the journalists ‘ question about the expected developments in the case, if Russia will not join the US-led international coalition that conducts counter-terrorism operation in Iraq and Syria and will continue to support Assad, Ernest said it will isolate Moscow from the international community even more.

At the same time, said Ernest, “Russia’s interests in Syria are not in complete conflict with the interests of the rest of the world”, reports TASS. “Russia is interested in the success of this anti-terrorist coalition. Of course, Russia would like to see the successful implementation of the strategy to eliminate ISIS,” said White house press Secretary, repeated that “Assad is the time to go.”

Recall that in the Kremlin insists that it is unacceptable to impose on the Syrian people from the outside towards the development of the country. The position of Russia on the Syrian issue last week has once again voiced by the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov. He recalled the words of Vladimir Putin that “the future of Syria should be resolved by Syrians.”

“Until now, no one can convincingly explain what can be the alternative to the current legitimacy of the Syrian leadership in ensuring security in the country to combat the spread (banned in the Russian Federation terrorist group) Islamic state, in maintaining the unity of the country”, – said Peskov.

Note that the Syrian issue is actively discussed in connection with rumors that Russia allegedly heavily increasing its military presence in Syria and is going to lead his own coalition against ISIS, while providing support to Assad. In Moscow categorically deny this information. But the Western media continue to publish photos of alleged evidence of this participation. So, yesterday, the network appeared the satellite imagesthat allegedly show the construction of a Russian military base in Syria. In addition, the media claim that Russian tanks were deployed at the airbase near the Syrian port of Latakia.

Continue to circulate rumors (previously also refute the Russian Federation) and that the U.S. and Russia are supposedly secret talks about a possible overthrow of the Syrian President. According to the Western press, talks about the fate of Syrian leader began in June, when the President of Russia Vladimir Putin took Saudi Prince, the country’s defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman. Journalists reported with reference to Russian and American diplomatic sources that Moscow and Washington allegedly consider a scenario in which Assad will be ousted, but will remain interim head of state.

Last week on this subject is clearly expressed by the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. “Would once again like to stress that the social engineering we are not engaged, foreign presidents are not appointed and not discharged neither ourselves nor in collusion with anyone. This also applies to Syria, and other countries in the region whose peoples, confident, able to decide their own fate,” she said.

The white house has threatened Russia increased international isolation if they continue to support Assad 15.09.2015

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