President Barack Obama is considering a number of options proportional response to a hacker attack from Russia, said the representative of the White house Josh Ernest. The public might not learn about the action taken, he warned journalists.

Earlier, the Ministry of homeland security and the dni’s office is putting accused Russia of intentionally hacking into mail servers by American citizens and political organisations to interfere in the electoral process in the country, reminds “Interfax”.

“There are a number of possible responses, which will be reviewed by the President. It will consider a proportionate response. And it is possible that we have not declared publicly about the selected President the measures,” said Ernest.

Earlier, the Ministry of internal security and the dni’s office is putting the US issued a joint statement expressing confidence in the involvement of Russian hackers to break-ins: “”the US Intelligence community believes that the Russian government managed the recent provocative attacks on the emails of American citizens and organizations, including political organizations”.

The Russian side denies such accusations. In early September, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that the Russian government was not involved in hacking attacks on the Democratic party of the United States, which was published thousands of electronic documents. In an interview with Bloomberg, the Russian leader said: “I Want you to tell me about it definitely absolutely nothing is known, and at the state level, Russia never engaged.”

The white house is weighing a “proportional” response to the attacks of the Russian hackers 12.10.2016

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