Residents of Lithuania are world leaders in alcohol consumption per capita, according to the world health organization (who) for the year 2016. On average one inhabitant of the Baltic States last year consumed 16 liters of alcohol, which was a record globally, reports DELFI.

“This, according to the latest estimates, makes Lithuania the biggest drinker in Europe, as well as most drinking country in the world”, – declared in Vilnius, the Director of the Department of non-communicable chronic diseases and promoting healthy lifestyles, who / Europe Gauden Galea.

In second place in the ranking of the most drinking countries of the world have settled in Belarus, where every inhabitant of the country in the year produces about 15 liters of alcohol. Took third place in the neighboring Lithuania and Latvia (about 13 liters per year per person).

Russia, together with Poland, is located on the fourth place in the list of countries with the highest consumption of alcohol with the rate of just over 12 litres for each inhabitant. Best of all, according to who, the situation with alcoholism develops in Western Europe.

On the deplorable situation of excessive alcohol consumption in Lithuania is not affected noticeably increased in the country since the beginning of March excise taxes on alcohol. On 16 may , said the chief economist of Swedbank nerius mačiulis.

“This is a perfect illustration that these fears that after raising excise taxes will decrease the consumption of alcohol, has not justified itself. Still, this does not mean that the shadow economy has not grown, and this was to be expected. Do things are not the way that after raising prices and reducing purchasing power suddenly most of the residents would start to buy some illegally imported alcohol or clean it in the woods and basements”, – he explained.

According to the Lithuanian State tax Inspectorate (STI), in the first four months of 2016 in the country was declared 110,569 million euros in excise duties on alcohol, 45.9% more than in January-April 2015 (75,785 million euros). The main part of the excise duties in this year was declared in February 75,279 million euros.

Mačiulis also noted that the growth of trade in alcohol suggests that the demand for drink among the population is not reduced. “Purchasing power over the last ten years has grown significantly, so even after raising excise taxes, it was not a problem. Sales growth in four months suggests that consumption is not reduced. Even given the fact that the number of the population decreased by 30 thousand,” – said the expert.

In January this year the CPS has announced that average alcohol consumption in Russia in 2009 has decreased by half. “According to expert estimates, the average per capita alcohol consumption in Russia is more than 10 liters per person (in 2009 – 15 liters),” – said in a Supervisory Agency.

According to the who, if the consumption of pure alcohol per capita is more than eight litres per year, this negatively affects the health of the population. In this regard, Rospotrebnadzor in the beginning of the year proposed to continue the implementation of measures envisaged by the Concept of implementation of public policies to reduce the abuse of alcoholic beverages and prevent alcoholism among the population of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2020.

In addition, the CPS noted that in 2009 in Russia was 30% decrease in the number of cases of acute poisoning, alcoholic and alcohol-containing products, and the number of patients under dispensary supervision with first time established diagnosis “alcoholism”, have fallen by almost 37%. 24% and also decreased the number of patients with alcoholism, consisting on the account in medical-preventive organizations.

The who has recognized Lithuania as the most drinking country in the world 17.05.2017

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