The world health organization declared an end to the global emergency caused by the spread of zika virus on the planet. At the same time, who promised to continue working with the outbreak with the help of “trusted programs”, according to Reuters.

The emergency Committee who, in February recognized the zika virus global threat, announced on Friday, November 18, that the disease and its associated consequences remain a “significant, sustained challenge to health care, require active actions”, but no longer pose a global danger.

“We do not belittle the importance of the virus, Zeke, turning to long-term programme of work, we signal that Zeke went back to normal,” said the Executive Director of the health Program of the who for emergency situations, Dr Peter Salama during a briefing.

The world health organization on 1 February this year, acknowledged the spread of the virus zika in the countries of North and South America emergency medical situation on an international scale. At the moment of the outbreak was in Asia, Africa, South and North America, in the Pacific region.

Zika fever is an acute infectious disease of monkeys, which occasionally transmitted to humans through mosquito bites. In most cases the disease is without symptoms, but sometimes causes high fever, conjunctivitis, rashes, headaches, joint pain, inflammation, and in some cases nausea and vomiting, stomach pain.

The virus is most dangerous for pregnant women – correlation between migrated in this period of disease and subsequent development of fetal microcephaly with potential severe brain damage.

The disease is not lethal. However, the virus is very dangerous for pregnant women. It is established that the infection was Zeke during pregnancy causes the child’s microcephaly is a congenital defect that is a significant reduction in the size of the skull and is accompanied by mental retardation, neurotic disorders, hearing and vision.

Drugs that prevent the disease zika virus, do not exist. The only known way to counter it is to fight its spread by mosquitoes.

The who stopped counting the zika virus a global threat 19.11.2016

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