The wife of the President of Nigeria, Mohammed Buhari has shocked the media and the citizens of the country strong statement to the spouse. According to her, the head of state improperly disposed of in government posts, appointed to a high position completely unfamiliar to him, reports BBC.

“The President does not know 45 of the 50 people assigned to them. I also do not know them, despite the fact that I was married to him for 27 years,” said Aisha Buhari in an interview. According to her, the new members of the government do not share the views of the President, and their appointment was lobbied by “some people”. On specifying question of the correspondent, about whom exactly there is a speech, the President’s wife said, “You will know them if you watch TV”.

Aisha Buhari also said that her husband had not yet decided whether he will run for President in 2019. “He still hasn’t told me, but I had already decided how his wife that if things go the same until 2019, I’m not going to participate in the campaign and ask women to vote, as I did before. I never will,” she said.

Mohammad Bukhari has been elected President of Nigeria in 2015. During his campaign, called “Change begins with me”, he promised to fight corruption and nepotism in government. The present public statement of the President’s wife is probably shocking to many citizens, but it shows the level of dissatisfaction with the reign of Buhari, says BBC.

The wife of the President of Nigeria has threatened not to support him in the next election 14.10.2016

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