From the American prison released Chelsea manning – a former WikiLeaks informant, who before sentencing was a man named Bradley manning. On its release, reports BBC.

The fact that manning left the prison, confirmed to journalists the representative of the American army. “She’s ready to finally get the opportunity to live as the woman she is”, – said the lawyer of manning, Nancy Hollander. Manning left the prison early, around 6 a.m., reports The Mirror.

Manning was released from military prison, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas is 28 years ahead of schedule. According to a court ruling in 2013, she was supposed to be released only in 2045. However, in the end, she was imprisoned for only seven years. In January of this year, leaving as President Barack Obama commuted the sentence.

Chelsea manning was released on the international day against homophobia

Even while in prison, manning has applied for a sex change. Despite this, Chelsea manning was serving a sentence in prison for men. Lawyers said that in prison, she twice tried to commit suicide because of the conditions.

In January, manning wrote in Twitterthat after the release wants to move to Maryland, where previously lived.

Two days before the release of manning wrote that it would go to a private hospital, without specifying details.

Two more days until the freedom of civilian life ^_^ Now hunting for private #healthcare like millions of Americans =P

The WikiLeaks informant Chelsea manning was released 17.05.2017

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