In Kursk for a year and three months went to prison a woman who faithfully cared for her 91-year-old mother accidentally killed her, clumsily administering first aid.

60-year-old woman lived with her mother, fed her, helped to move, gave medicine. One day the old woman felt unwell, and the daughter offered her a pill “from the heart”. In a few minutes an elderly woman began to choke and try to cough. The daughter decided that she choked, and started to give her first aid, according to the Prosecutor’s office of the region.

“The woman took mother by the shoulders and started with a force to shake, hoping that such actions will help to improve her condition. Because it didn’t help, the woman decided to take the pill, which beginning hand to put pressure on the throat. When the mother ceased to give life signs, put her body on the sofa and, not having medical education and experience to assist, began to do artificial breath, indirect massage of the heart”, – stated in the message.

As a result, the old lady turned seven broken ribs and thyroid cartilage. She died from mechanical asphyxia. The court found her daughter guilty of causing death by negligence.

The woman had an old mother first aid and accidentally killed her after breaking seven ribs 10.10.2016

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