On Friday, October 6, at the Moscow House of poets in Trekhprudny lane will open the exhibition “Putin meme”, dedicated to the most popular Internet memes with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The organizers of the exhibition were made by the authors of the three telegram-channels “Yeltsin center,” Sgt. Pepe and “Teen angry”.

In the announcement of the exhibition, viewers are promised not only to demonstrate “the best examples of creativity of Internet users”, but also to present a poem dedicated to the Russian leader. Also at the event will be shown a series of t-shirts on which the image of Putin will be stylized works of famous artists.

“Today many designers, animators portray of Vladimir Putin. The authors of the project asked the question: how it is seen today, van Gogh, Mondrian, Roy Lichtenstein or Andy Warhol. They came to the aid of new technologies and modern graphic application. Printed on t-shirts, these images mark the media as a modern, witty person” – explain the organizers.

“The exhibition purpose is devoted to Vladimir Putin and is held on the eve of his birthday. Putin himself has long outgrown the status of the President and himself became an internationally known meme – popular character of the artwork, media, pictures, photoshopped pics and videos. In recognition of the way the Russian leader can compete with Superman”, – stated in the message.

The authors of the telegram channels are assured that passed through the millions of memes and selected 50 of the most famous, witty and popular – starting with appeared in 2008, “Putin crab” and ending with the most fresh samples.

“The exhibition will become a unique bridge between generations: each meme will be accompanied by a transcript, which will help a wider audience to understand is not always obvious humor of the Internet users. The organizers are expecting both young and older people. Come talk about memchiki, parecem”, – stated in the message.

As rightly reminded by the organizers of the exhibition, Vladimir Putin himself is not stranger to “modern removedeny”. Last year, having been at the anniversary exhibition of Vladimir Serov, he gently demonstrated a familiarity not only with the biography of the painter, but also with Internet meme, in particular the well-known series depicting “Girl with peaches” Serov before the new year table.

We will remind, in 2008 the President is in the direct line admitted that “eight years I worked like a galley slave”. Error of the editor of one of the editions and the appearance in the headline news reports the word “crab” has given rise to a huge number of photoshopped pics, cartoons and jokes.

“The Yeltsin centre” opens in Moscow exhibition “Putin meme” 06.10.2017

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