The young Moritz was blocked the ability to make posts and write comments on Facebook after appearing on the Network this essay “the Dead are not able to declare a hunger strike” about the trial on Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko. The poet has linked the blocking of the account with “Russophobic repression” by the administration of the social network.

“The dead are not able to declare a hunger strike” – my little essay on trial Savchenko, it was on my tape FB less than a day, but a lot of readers, there were 2,000 likes and over 300 shares, lots of comments – clearly in support of the right of Russians to be killed Savchenko, “performing their duty”. However, after 10 hours, the publication disappeared from my FB feeds!.. Along with all the “likes” and comments. And my appearance on FB is locked down, with no explanations, for what reason!” said the poet on the website.

According to Moritz, the American, the social network is “one of the engines” of the information war and is running at full capacity, serving “the interests of Savchenko and her patrons”. “Did the Directorate CSE hopes to arrest the voice of the Russian poet, laureate of the Sakharov prize “For honour and dignity of a writer”? – asks she.

Later, the poet published a poem dedicated to the incident, in which are these lines:

Don’t threaten me with despondency and boredom,
Directorate of blocking me on Facebook
It seems that the axe can
To chop off what I have written with a pen!

Yunna Moritz was born in 1937 in Kiev. Her first book was published in Moscow in the early 1960s. the Fame of the poet brought poetry for children, scripts, cartoons and literary translations. Moritz calls itself the main theme of his work “pure lyrics of resistance”.

The young Moritz deprived of the opportunity to write in Facebook because of an essay on the trial Savchenko 11.03.2016

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